Reports from the forefront of scientific advancements, as well as off-the-beaten-path quirky stories about the strange things researchers do in the name of knowledge and truth. Also, funny hashtags nerds create on Twitter.

A special antibody in cows could help put an end to HIV
One cow prevented 96 percent of 117 HIV types.
Scientists splice a GIF into the DNA of a living organism
The method they used could one day help treat genetic diseases.
NASA will get its first close look at Jupiter’s Great Red Spot today
The oldest storm in space will be photographed up-close for the first time.
‘Part-Time Genius’ takes encyclopedic adventures into weird, wild stuff
Dissecting fringe topics you've never considered, this podcast gets down and nerdy.
Study suggests e-cigs are just as harmful as tobacco—but there’s a catch
A health information officer from Cancer Research UK says more research needs to be done.
Goop backs off ‘healing’ sticker claims after NASA calls bulls**t
Stickers that claim to use NASA 'conductive carbon material' are full of crap.
Trump isn’t alone: 12 percent of Americans think climate change isn’t real
American's aren't sold on Trump's big Paris climate agreement decision.
NASA just discovered 219 planets—10 of them could contain life
Many of these rocky planets are said to be ocean worlds.
Trump administration drops protections for whales, turtles
The National Marine Fisheries Service's ruling is one of the administration's first moves targeting protections for threatened species.
Here’s how you could live and work in France, all expenses paid, to work on climate change
French President Emmanuel Macron is making good on his promise.
Neil deGrasse Tyson accuses Trump of science denialism in savage tweet
Neil DeGrasse Tyson accused the president of not knowing what science is.
Scientists keep accidentally doxing endangered species
Revealing vulnerable wildlife's location online puts their existence at risk, a group warns.