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All of the total solar eclipses you can see in the U.S. in your lifetime
Mark your calendars, the next total eclipse is in fewer than 7 years.
NASA plans to beam a tweet into space—and it’s taking submissions
Boldly tweet where no one has tweeted before.
USDA tells staff to stop using the term ‘climate change’
The USDA's censorship is the latest example of Trump brushing climate change under the rug.
Vaping helps smokers quit, according to new study
Researchers looked at survey data of 160,000 people spanning almost 15 years.
A special antibody in cows could help put an end to HIV
One cow prevented 96 percent of 117 HIV types.
Scientists splice a GIF into the DNA of a living organism
The method they used could one day help treat genetic diseases.
NASA will get its first close look at Jupiter’s Great Red Spot today
The oldest storm in space will be photographed up-close for the first time.