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Senate panel approves climate change skeptic to lead NASA
Democrats blasted his stance on climate change and LGBTQ rights.
NASA’s Juno spacecraft catches stunning new photos of Jupiter
The spacecraft caught these photos 2,100 miles above Jupiter's tumultuous surface.
College student nails extra credit assignment with fire DNA rap
This rap about DNA might just help you pass that big test.
No one knows why octopuses are crawling out of the sea in Wales
Octopuses are terrifying enough when the stay in the water. Now they're invading our territory.
Just in time for Halloween, here’s a ton of creepy bugs
We're completely grossed out—and completely fascinated.
Former Blink 182 frontman and UFO enthusiast Tom DeLonge wants to go to space
You won't believe how much money he's raised.
The collision of 2 neutron stars gives space scientists a major breakthrough
It's the first time this cosmic event has been detected like this.
Scientists discover an ‘octopus city’ off the coast of Australia
Scientists gave this octopus city the perfect name.
Republicans distrust science news more than Democrats, study finds
Everyone thinks science journalism could use some work.
NASA astronauts capture ominous footage of Hurricane Irma from space
Photos from outer space capture the devastating reality of Hurricane Irma.