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New Loch Ness monster video may just confirm giant eel theory
It's also not the only alleged recent water monster sighting.
Human-animal hybrids are about to become a real-life thing
It's not just a concept in the movies anymore.
New study shows antiretroviral treatment prevents HIV transmission
In nearly 1,000 couples studied, no negative partner contracted HIV from his positive partner.
Wikipedia just won’t let this Black female scientist’s page stay
Clarice Phelps likely was the first Black woman to have contributed to the discovery of a new element.
4 women have now accused Neil deGrasse Tyson of sexual misconduct (updated)
Allegations made in 2014 led to more women coming forward.
1,600 scientists sign open letter against defining gender as a binary
The signees include nine Nobel laureates.
AI sepsis diagnosis more reliable than physicians, study finds
We may be getting closer to diagnosis by computer.
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