What does ‘uwu’ mean?
Learn how to properly express yourself with the emoticon.

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Iran’s new president spoofed with satirical LinkedIn account
I see you have a lot of work experience, here.
These awkward online dating conversations are even worse IRL
"Oof" is the only appropriate word here.
Think you can text while driving? This game proves you wrong
Responsible driving is not an option here.
New York councilwoman’s campaign website promotes parody account
Yet another politician embarrasses herself via social media.
Second and third seasons of “Burning Love” also headed to TV
After picking up a Primetime Emmy nod, the Bachelor parody gets two more seasons to air on E!.
China’s “People’s Daily” admits it fell for “Onion” satire
The state-run paper has retracted its report that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was named "Sexiest Man Alive." 
Former “Onion” staffers launch ThingX, the “Onion” of the Internet
ThingX, a collaboration between ex-Onion writers and Adult Swim, will turn a satirical eye to Internet culture.
Real or Onion? On Twitter, you can’t tell
A new iPhone app makes light of people's inability to distinguish serious news from satire.
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