What exactly is ‘too adult’ for Disney+?
Disney+ just rejected a teen sitcom with a gay lead but includes a ton of violent blockbusters. What gives?

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Ron Wyden is the Democratic senator from Oregon. Wyden is a leading voice on issues of civil liberties, privacy, and encryption within the U.S. congress.

Sen. Ron Wyden on the problems with the Trans-Pacific Partnership
One of the U.S. Senate's strongest advocates for Internet freedom says the TPP is his biggest concern.
Senator Ron Wyden signs Declaration of Internet Freedom
Best known for his opposition of SOPA, Wyden became the second member of Congress to sign the declaration. 
Reddit Digest: January 20, 2012
Today on Reddit, anti-SOPA Senator Ron Wyden offers his thanks to the social news site, while other users ponder the implications of the MegaUpload shutdown. 
Mr. Wyden goes to Washington
Oregon Senator Ron Wyden has pledged to filibuster votes on Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act by reading the names of those who sign his petition online. Judging from the signatures he's garnered thus far, that would take a long time. 
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