Ron Wyden is the Democratic senator from Oregon. Wyden is a leading voice on issues of civil liberties, privacy, and encryption within the U.S. congress.

The 10 most influential Internet freedom activists of 2013
Edward Snowden changed everything.
Senators: NSA’s bulk data collection isn’t necessary to stop terrorism
Three senators say all the program's successes could have been achieved by less invasive means.
Director of National Intelligence confirms NSA spied on Americans’ phones
In a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, the Director of National Intelligence admitted to collecting the phone location data of American citizens.
Sen. Wyden drafts sweeping bill to address NSA oversight and surveillance
Sen. Ron Wyden told the Daily Dot there's "growing momentum for making the major reforms that are badly needed.” 
Sen. Ron Wyden keeps hinting the NSA tracks your cellphone location
It sounds almost too paranoid to be true. Almost.
A beginner’s guide to PRISM and the NSA
The saga of whistleblower Edward Snowden has moved with the velocity of a spy thriller. Here's everything you need to know about his controversial leaks. 
NSA admits its initial privacy promise was wrong
Now that you mention it, the NSA was a little misleading.
Senators challenge NSA’s claim that PRISM doesn’t target Americans
Sens. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Mark Udall (D-Colo.) take issue with an NSA fact sheet on PRISM. But they can't say why, because it's classified.
This is the best shot yet at countering PRISM
On Monday, Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy introduced the “FISA Accountability and Privacy Protection Act of 2013.” 
“Aaron’s Law” introduced in Congress to reform computer fraud law
The House and Senate are considering a bill that would fix the 1986 Computer Fraud and Abuse Act used to charge activist Aaron Swartz.
8 senators want to expose the secret courts that enable PRISM
A group of senators, including Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), have proposed a bill that could reveal how many Americans the NSA is spying on.
Internet sales tax law could raise up to $11 billion in taxes
The Marketplace Fairness Act is likely to pass in its Senate vote later this week.
Sen. Ron Wyden introduces cellphone unlocking bill
In response to a hugely popular petition in favor of cell phone unlocking, the Oregon senator will try to legalize it.
“Aaron’s Law” gets a new draft, with input from Reddit
Rep. Zoe Lofgren took Reddit's suggestions in her efforts to reform the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.
Homeland Security Chair: Obama’s cybersecurity order due soon
Senate Homeland Security Chairman Tom Carper thinks the oder will come in the "second half of February."
Senate votes to let NSA, FBI keep spying on your email
As expected, the Senate has voted to keep the FISA Amendments Act, which will let government agencies like the NSA and FBI continue to monitor citizen emails without a warrant.
The top 10 most influential Internet rights activists in 2012
Activism isn't a game with a scorecard or obvious metrics, but these 10 individuals deserve recognition for their efforts this year. 
Senate defeats Cybersecurity Act for the second time
How many times does the Senate have to vote down this Internet bill before it gets the picture?