Ron Wyden is the Democratic senator from Oregon. Wyden is a leading voice on issues of civil liberties, privacy, and encryption within the U.S. congress.

Sen. Tom Cotton slams WhatsApp encryption as a tool for terrorists, rapists
'This is an open invitation to terrorists, drug dealers, and sexual predators.'
iPhone unlocking court order prompts familiar battle lines in Congress
'Court orders are not optional and Apple should comply.'
Police chiefs, prosecutors demand laws mandating encryption backdoors
Law enforcement say backdoors make it harder to catch criminals. But where's the evidence?
Sen. Ron Wyden is ready to defend encryption in Congress
Anti-encryption lawmakers are using Paris to push for backdoors. Ron Wyden has heard it all before.
Congress plans encryption investigations as Paris attacks reignite ‘crypto wars’
Independent experts overwhelmingly support strong encryption, but Congress is still worried about it.
The fight over CISA is far from over
The Senate's passage of CISA is just the beginning.
White House backs CISA despite privacy groups’ concerns
'There is an urgent and compelling need for cybersecurity legislation.'
Sen. Ron Wyden isn’t giving up the fight against CISA
The Senate advanced CISA on Thursday, but the battle over your privacy is not yet over.
Senate votes to move ahead with CISA, a controversial cybersecurity bill
Privacy groups worry that the bill will expose more sensitive information to hackers.
CISA champion Rep. Jim Langevin explains why critics of the cyber data-sharing bill are wrong
Langevin says Americans' personal information will be 'stripped out.'
The controversial TPP trade deal, explained
And what's up with that 'fast track' gizmo?
U.S. counterintelligence center bucks responsibility for OPM hack
The buck stops... somewhere else.
Sen. Ron Wyden thinks the next big cybersecurity bill could make things worse
'I will not casually give up these amendments that are so important to making a flawed bill better.'
Liberal senators ask the FCC for tighter privacy rules
They're disturbed by ISPs' vague privacy rules.
New bill would stop the FBI from launching spy planes without a warrant
Privacy advocates have praised the bill as a win for civil liberties.
NSA champion Dianne Feinstein swoops in to slow surveillance reform
Critics say it's a halfhearted attempt at reform.