Ron Wyden is the Democratic senator from Oregon. Wyden is a leading voice on issues of civil liberties, privacy, and encryption within the U.S. congress.

Oregon senator said jail time should be on the table for Facebook’s Zuckerberg
Says he's "repeatedly lied" and "should be held accountable."
Sen. Ron Wyden wants to jail CEOs who violate consumer privacy
The senator sends a warning to 'reckless CEOs' with new bill.
Senator warns Facebook to get its act together or get ‘broken up’
'Mr. Zuckerberg is going to have a couple of very unpleasant days before Congress next week.'
Sen. Ron Wyden joins Cory Booker’s proposal to legalize marijuana nationwide
Wyden joined Booker on Facebook Live to discuss the bill
Democrats lash out at Trump over reports he shared ‘highly classified’ intel with Russia
After news broke that President Donald Trump reportedly shared 'highly classified' info with Russian officials, lawmakers were quick to criticize him.
State Department websites promote Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, sparking ethics concerns
U.S. government-funded blog posts have raised new questions about the murky conflicts of interest saddling the Trump presidency.
Nunes apologizes for leak as questions over Congress’s impartiality grow
Nunes somewhat apologized on Thursday after rushing to President Trump, whom he's investigating, with details of the investigation.
Sen. Graham wants a law to get Trump’s tax returns. A Democrat already introduced the bill.
Sen. Lindsey Graham wants Trump's tax returns. A bill by Sen. Ron Wyden could help.
U.S. senator asks FBI to explain plan to abandon FOIA requests by email
Sen. Wyden's letter is critical of the FBI's new policy, claiming it may place an 'unnecessary burden' on FOIA requesters.
FBI hacking powers expand as efforts to block Rule 41 changes fail
Critics worry the rule changes would allow the U.S. government to hack innocent Americans.
Internet-rights groups launch protest over expanded FBI hacking powers
The changes may have drastic consequences for online privacy.
CIA director clashes with Sen. Ron Wyden over encryption backdoors
A consensus of technologists argue that requiring backdoors would weaken cybersecurity.
FBI raids dental software researcher who discovered private patient data on public server
Justin Shafer reported a flaw in a company's system. Then the FBI came knocking.
Senators introduce bill to block ‘dramatic’ changes to electronic search warrant rules
These lawmakers say there's more to this obscure rule change than meets the eye.
Justice Department brushes off senator’s claim that secret legal memo must be disclosed
The government called a U.S. senator's argument 'wholly erroneous.'
The pro-encryption bill that Congress is ignoring
Neither chamber of Congress has moved the bill out of the committee stage.
Senate bill effectively bans strong encryption
The measure is sure to face an uphill battle in Congress, where privacy activists are poised to fight back.
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