Roasts include the wildest burns, insults, and shutdowns. The Internet isn't always the nicest place, but now and then someone else’s misfortune makes for a hilarious moment to be preserved. Some of the best roasts are comebacks from someone targeted by a troll; other times, entire social platforms gang up on a single helpless (but often deserving) victim.

Mother Jones roasted for ‘dapper white nationalist’ description of racists
Meet the publication glowingly writing about a white nationalist's clothing.
New, evolved Pokémon from Sun and Moon get roasted like the originals
They're taking almost as much heat as the starters they evolved from.
British celebrity chef’s paella gets absolutely trashed on Twitter
These owns are tastier than any entrée.
Prepare yourself for the petty saga of the girl who printed her college roommate’s subtweets
This roommate situation has gone completely off the rails. Whose side are you on?
The best times people owned themselves on Twitter in 2016
A recent history of people trying to insult others and falling flat on their faces.
5th-grader has smart list of rules for thirsty boy who won’t let her be
'Do not speak to me unless it's a greeting, which will be never.'
Yung Joc’s new hairdo is getting barbequed on Twitter
Actually laughing out loud at the unofficial comedy roast of Yung Joc's hair.
The most savage Amazon reviews of Donald Trump’s clothing line
Do the clothes really make the man?
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