Congressman proposes anti-abortion bill to define life as beginning at conception
If passed, it could also possibly criminalize miscarriage.
Women’s March drops anti-abortion partner
It regrets the error.
Obama just made it harder for states to defund Planned Parenthood
This is a win for reproductive rights—for now.
A citizen’s guide to lobbying Congress to oppose Donald Trump
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Purvi Patel’s ‘feticide’ charge vacated, prison sentence reduced
Patel could remain in prison indefinitely if the state appeals.
Women are trolling Trump’s VP pick with period blood photos
Since Gov. Mike Pence has an interest in women's reproductive health, women are giving him status updates on their uteruses.
Women’s rights activists stand behind #PurviPatel on appeal over feticide
She's serving a 20-year prison sentence for paradoxically killing a fetus and abandoning a live baby.
Carly Fiorina for Vice President site has a hilarious redirect
Just one day after being named Ted Cruz's VP, Fiorina is already helping women.
Oklahoma House passes bill banning all abortions
The law will revoke the medical license of any doctor who performs abortion.
Cyberattacks take down abortion rights site twice in one week
Hackers sent out anti-abortion emails using the site's servers.
Florida woman cheered for ripping into Gov. Rick Scott at a Starbucks
Florida residents are calling her a hero for the viral rant.
New York’s paid family leave deal is great for state, but rest of U.S. must crowdfund costs
Only five U.S. states mandate paid family leave and the rest must fend for themselves.
Donald Trump: Women should face ‘punishment’ for abortions
Trump's political opponents were quick to respond.
SCOTUS blocks restrictive Louisiana abortion law 2 days after slamming Texas law
The court's defense of abortion rights is really on a roll this week.