Jameela Jamil dragged for comparing reproductive rights to landlord rights
'Imagine comparing being pro choice to a landlord evicting a tenant, not realizing how bad this looks.'
Ben Shapiro says his ‘man body’ is just as controlled as women’s
'I'm not allowed to use my body to smack my employees. I'm not allowed to use my body to sell drugs.'
Democratic debate didn’t include a single question about abortion
They literally talked about record players more.
Nonprofit groups express concern with pop-up abortion networks
'We would prefer that people interested in organizing access to care join us.'
Meet the ‘underground railroad’ network helping women in states passing anti-abortion laws
People are offering rides and a place to stay so women can get safe abortions.
Women are promoting a #SexStrike on Twitter to protest restrictive abortion laws
Actress and activist Alyssa Milano took to Twitter to call for a sex strike.
Women urge others to get IUDs before there’s a new Supreme Court justice
Birth control may be under attack with Anthony Kennedy's departure.
Here are the abortion laws for all 50 states in the U.S.
Everything you need to know about accessibility in your state.
Oregon greenlights requirement for all insurers to cover abortion
Under the new reproductive health act, even undocumented immigrants would be covered.
Florida becomes first state to provide birth certificates for miscarriages
Pro-choice activists say this is another jab at 'defining life,' while lawmakers insist it's apolitical.
The nuance in choice: Why I aborted 2 very wanted pregnancies
Abortion is not the carefree, black-and-white decision pro-lifers make it out to be. It's often painful and considered—and it was mine to make.
5 pro-choice women leaders share what ‘Democratic Unity’ means to them
Unlike Bernie Sanders' vision, theirs doesn't include abandoning women's reproductive rights.
Judge rules Texas cannot cut Planned Parenthood from Medicaid
He compared the state's argument to a 'best-selling novel.'
Women worldwide will go on strike March 8
Let's see how the world will cope with 'A Day Without a Woman.'
EACH Woman Act would lift restrictive abortion coverage bans
The legislation targets the Hyde Amendment.
Texas state rep wants to make all abortion illegal, make women more ‘personally responsible’
He also believes making abortion illegal will reduce pregnancies.
Donald Trump reinstates policy that restricts abortions
The global gag rule prohibits international NGOs from receiving funding for the procedure.
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