12 arrested for naming rape victim in tweets
The victim's name became a trending topic after her attacker, professional soccer player Ched Evans, was sentenced to five years in prison.
When will Twitter learn that rape jokes aren’t funny?
The hashtag #replacebandnameswithrape isn't funny and is entirely offensive. So why is it trending?
Twitter users face arrest after soccer player’s rape victim is named
After Sheffield United soccer player Ched Evans' conviction last Friday, the name of his sexual assault victim became public on Twitter—a criminal offense. 
Women turn to Texas’s top medical professional—Rick Perry
in light of the Texas Sonogram Law, some women are protesting by directing medical questions at the governor's unofficial Facebook page. 
For actor Rainn Wilson, rape is no laughing matter—unless IBM’s “Watson” is involved
For the second time, Rainn Wilson from The Office tweeted an offensive rape joke on Twitter—and gained 500 new followers after apologizing.
YouTuber inflames viewers with rape comments
The video site's community is up in arms over popular YouTuber Onision's comments about forced sex with women he calls "sluts." Will he get banned?
Why Twitter won’t leave a 14-year-old girl alone
Old rules protecting the identities of minors and sex-crime victims are next to impossible to enforce online.
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