Candidate says she hopes opponent’s fiancé keeps the baby if she is raped
"I don’t wish rape upon any woman — that is the worst thing," the candidate said in her apology.
Denim Day takes on a more vital meaning in the #MeToo era
Here's how to show support for sexual assault survivors today—and every day.
Man reportedly raped overdosing teen—then Snapchatted from her phone
He bragged that 'she died while having sex with me.'
Stanford reportedly rejects quote from Brock Turner’s victim for memorial plaque
The school allegedly instead wanted to use: 'I’m okay, everything’s okay.'
Uber driver charged with raping, assaulting, robbing 4 women
He used Venmo to cover his tracks.
Disabled student of color suspended by school after being allegedly gang-raped
The school reportedly found the incident 'consensual.'
Facebook wants to connect me with my rapist
Social media is re-traumatizing survivors—but is there anything they can do about it?
Detroit’s rape kit backlog identified more than 800 serial rapists
Detroit finally processed kits dating back to as early as 1984.
‘Weinstein Effect’ could be leading to more reported rapes
Survivors are feeling more confident to speak out.
Lawyers of convicted rapist Brock Turner file for appeal, call trial ‘fundamentally unfair’
Two months into the U.S.'s purge of sexual assailants and harassers, Brock Turner resurfaces.
Swedish man convicted of ‘online rape’ of young teenagers
The offenses all took place on the internet.
Singer says Backstreet Boy Nick Carter raped her
Melissa Schuman says she kept telling Carter 'no.'
Bam Margera on notion that women can’t rape men: ‘It happened to me.’
This is the sick reason why we're likely to dismiss Margera's admission of being raped.
Lawsuit claims ‘thousands’ of women have been raped, harassed by Uber drivers
The complaint argues that Uber foregoes background checks to save money.
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