TikTok users are sharing things they thought were ‘ghetto’ as kids
The trend is being criticized for being racially insensitive.
Timmy Thick blasted for saying the N-word in comeback video
'Timmy Thick saying the N-word. Harvard needs to come get him.'
‘Trayvon Hoax’ screening canceled after George Zimmerman files lawsuit
The documentary aims to discredit witnesses in the Trayvon Martin murder case.
Florida politician allegedly offered teen $50,000 to delete racist video
'How can you say something like that? Aren’t you human?'
Jay Leno calls Gabrielle Union a ‘great girl’ after ‘America’s Got Talent’ controversy
Leno wouldn’t comment when TMZ asked if he regretted making a racist joke about Koreans.
7 breakthroughs in Black media in 2019
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‘Floribama Shore’ star says she was called N-word by a cast member
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‘Crazy Rich Asians’ director responds to Brenda Song controversy
'Would these words ever come out of my mouth?'
White woman calls cops on man who said he was visiting aunt with his kids
The man says his aunt lived in the building for 60 years.
Actor Amanda Seales pushes back on #FreeRodneyReed movement
Seales called the movement to free Reed 'propaganda.'
Buttigieg used Kenyan stock photo to promote plan for Black America (updated)
Buttigieg's campaign also claimed Black leaders endorsed the plan. They say they didn't.
Black server says manager refused to discipline co-workers who sent racist receipt
The server said co-workers sent him a food order with the N-word.
Video shows driver yelling N-word at Black woman in road rage incident 
He has allegedly been fired from his workplace.
Stephen Miller’s racist emails leak
Trump aide pushed racist ideology, website amid 900 emails to right-wing blog Breitbart.
Cops cuff Black man for eating sandwich on subway platform
Protesters held an 'eat-in' on the platform.
Twitch bans Viperous for allegedly using racial slur during live stream
She claims it was just the word 'nerd.' But fans aren't so sure.