At its core, privacy is the agency individuals assert over what information about themselves they share and to whom they share that information. Online, concerns about privacy manifest themselves everywhere—from surveillance by government agencies like the NSA and the FBI to corporate data-collection by tech companies like Facebook and Google.

1 in 5 millennials prefer government spying to partner snooping
The majority of participants were averse to state surveillance.
Trump’s stance on internet privacy puts U.S.–E.U. pact on thin ice
President Trump's decision to kill key FCC privacy rules adds further stress to the already strained U.S.–E.U. Privacy Shield agreement.
Uber now lets you use an intersection as a pickup location
The company hopes it will make users feel safer.
Senate probe into Obama admin. ‘unmasking’ efforts is being overblown, sources say
Senate sources say there's no evidence to show the Obama administration acted improperly.
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It's probably time to take a little extra care after the recent Congressional ruling.
U.S. Customs agency withdraws Twitter summons over ‘alternative agency’ account
This was a losing battle, the U.S. government agency soon realized.
Trump, without evidence, accuses Susan Rice of committing a crime
'Do I think? Yes, I think,' Trump said.
Democrats demand transparency from internet providers after GOP kills privacy rules
'In 2017, broadband access is no longer a luxury; it is essential,' wrote Sen. Markey.
Susan Rice dismisses claims she improperly ‘unmasked’ Trump staff
Obama's former top security advisor says she only viewed reports the intelligence community deemed important.
New Trump rules may force all U.S. visitors to hand over social media passwords, phone contacts
The Trump administration's new 'extreme vetting' process may affect more people than previously believed.
Protect your internet privacy with these security essentials
Securing your internet connection should be as important as locking your door.
Verizon clears the air as accusation of spyware start to spread
While it's become common for apps to request a questionable range of permissions, it was the nature of the launch that had the EFF worried.
Pornhub’s new security feature keeps your porn habits secret from spying ISPs
It comes just days after controversial privacy ruling.
Reddit’s ‘The Donald’ breaks with Trump over his support for killing internet privacy rules
Trump's most enthusiastic supporters are breaking with the president over privacy.
House votes to kill FCC internet privacy rules
The future of online privacy is now up to President Donald Trump.
Think you can protect your privacy from internet providers without FCC rules? Good luck.
Let's get real: There are steps you can take to shield your data—but they're not enough.