At its core, privacy is the agency individuals assert over what information about themselves they share and to whom they share that information. Online, concerns about privacy manifest themselves everywhere—from surveillance by government agencies like the NSA and the FBI to corporate data-collection by tech companies like Facebook and Google.

Gwyneth Paltrow shares text showing Apple’s consent for birthday photos
'Don't need to break the old internet again, now do we?'
New Google feature will let users auto-delete location data
Have your data automatically wiped every three or 18 months.
United Airlines is covering the cameras on its seat back screens
United has started covering the cameras with stickers.
Instagram bug made random people’s Stories appear for some users
The company says the issue only affected 'a small number' of accounts.
New privacy app Jumbo will lock down your Facebook and Twitter
This privacy assistant for iPhone aims to give you control over your digital life.
Where do 2020 Democratic candidates stand on internet privacy?
It's becoming a major 2020 campaign issue.
Facebook says it doesn’t think the government should break up Facebook
He's reportedly going to try and push his regulation ideas in Washington.
Will Facebook’s Clear History tool be worth it?
Experts remain divided on Zuckerberg's new privacy promises.
Report: Facebook collects app data on users’ body weight, menstrual cycles
The company's been grabbing highly personal information.
Political campaigns will be snooping on your phones in 2020
'We can put a pin on a building, and if you are in that building, we are going to get you'
Scathing privacy report calls Facebook a ‘digital gangster’
The report was released this weekend.
Senator proposes jail time, fines for companies that hijack your data
The bill also includes a 'do not track' option.
These popular iPhone apps have been recording your screen without permission
These companies were secretly viewing your screen.
Facebook paid teens $20 to use an app that spied on their browsing history
Facebook's Research app circumvents App Store guidelines.
This website asks harassment survivors to share their stories—then plans to sell their data
ImWithThem could sell the information back to victims' workplaces.
15 senators demand FCC investigate cell phone tracking data
The letter features a number of prominent Democrats.
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