At its core, privacy is the agency individuals assert over what information about themselves they share and to whom they share that information. Online, concerns about privacy manifest themselves everywhere—from surveillance by government agencies like the NSA and the FBI to corporate data-collection by tech companies like Facebook and Google.

How to access blocked sites on your phone with Cloudflare’s DNS app
Visit your favorite sites without snooping from your ISP.
Sen. Ron Wyden wants to jail CEOs who violate consumer privacy
The senator sends a warning to 'reckless CEOs' with new bill.
Apple CEO Tim Cook warns against the weaponization of data in speech
Apple is taking a stronger stance than its competitors.
Discord’s new terms of service say users can’t sue
The policy goes into effect Oct. 23.
Tumblr security bug could have exposed users’ private data
Users' email addresses, passwords, and IP addresses were left vulnerable.
Apple just made all your data available to download
Apple is making your data available if you live in the U.S.
Google+ to shut down following disclosure of security vulnerability
Google discovered the breach back in March but chose not to disclose it.
What is DuckDuckGo, the private search engine that’s surging in popularity?
Unlike other search engines, DuckDuckGo doesn't track you.
Parental-tracking app mSpy leaks millions of personal files
This isn't the app's first major security breach.
Twitter could introduce threaded replies
Twitter's potential makeover looks familiar.
Facebook closes loophole that released private group members’ info
Closed Facebook groups weren't as private as we thought.
Man’s gross plan to take upskirt photos blows up in his face
This time, the course of justice was not perverted.
Facebook’s keyword snooze lets you block spoilers, unwanted topics
You'll soon be able to hide phrases from your Newsfeed for up to 30 days.
The latest Facebook privacy blunder set 14 million users’ posts to public
It took four days to fix the error and even longer to protect posts.
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