At its core, privacy is the agency individuals assert over what information about themselves they share and to whom they share that information. Online, concerns about privacy manifest themselves everywhere—from surveillance by government agencies like the NSA and the FBI to corporate data-collection by tech companies like Facebook and Google.

Facebook closes loophole that released private group members’ info
Closed Facebook groups weren't as private as we thought.
Man’s gross plan to take upskirt photos blows up in his face
This time, the course of justice was not perverted.
Facebook’s keyword snooze lets you block spoilers, unwanted topics
You'll soon be able to hide phrases from your Newsfeed for up to 30 days.
The latest Facebook privacy blunder set 14 million users’ posts to public
It took four days to fix the error and even longer to protect posts.
Facebook, Google facing mammoth lawsuits after one day of GDPR
The privacy rules are causing headaches for European users and tech companies.
Facebook wants you to trust it with your nudes
The social network says it wants to fight revenge porn.
Amazon Rekognition was always destined to be a privacy nightmare
'Once dangerous face surveillance systems are built and deployed, the harm can’t be undone.'
How to livestream Mark Zuckerberg’s E.U. testimony on May 22
It was originally planned as a secret meeting.
The #DeleteFacebook campaign was a resounding failure
Facebook didn't just survive the Cambridge Analytica crisis, it thrived during it.
Facebook launches Youth Portal, a social media guide for Generation Z
The site focuses on privacy, security, and safety.
Facebook suspends 200 apps as part of Cambridge Analytica cleanup
The social giant didn't specify which apps were removed.
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