Don’t watch this educational video about poop until after lunch
Where does the poop go after you flush it down? AsapSCIENCE answers the question you probably never asked.
Hear classic kids’ book ‘Everyone Poops’ in Morgan Freeman’s voice
One talented voice actor filmed this impression as a thank-you to Reddit for launching his career.
Making fake poop is way better through Google Glass
"Google Glass is the future," says every single tech blog. So here's a glimpse into the future: recording yourself making poop.
We ordered poop on the Internet—and it arrived last night
You can order a quart of elephant poop online, and it'll arrive at a doorstep within three weeks. 
I tried to order poop over the Internet
Poop-delivery service Shitsenders stinks for all of the wrong reasons.
Italian Facebook prankster forced to eat actual poop
Italian kids are giving new meaning to the phrase "eat sh*t and die."
Outspoken blogger Arijit Guha loses battle with colon cancer
Guha started the "Poop Strong" campaign to fight colon cancer, and convinced an insurance CEO to cover the entire cost of his cancer treatment.
This self-done tattoo is not what you think it is
There's a post on Reddit titled "Guy posts a picture a tattoo he gave himself that looks like a turd." But it's not a turd.
Meme history: Jeff Goldblum Is Watching You Poop
In the pre-Facebook era, one meme ruled because it was physically reposted on actual walls
A firsthand account from inside the Poop Cruise
Leave it to Reddit to find someone who experienced all the poop firsthand.
Vandal who pooped in a redditor’s car is, of course, a redditor too
Warning: The following is absolutely gross but also kind of cute in an "It's nice to know that all redditors are thinking alike" kind of way.
Meet Facebook’s grossest “married” couple
A teen girl who became famous for eating a tampon in a grossout video has Facebook-married a boy who made a video where he eats feces.
This site makes Shakespeare’s sonnets look like crap
Shakespoope’s Sonnets is a blog that pays scatological homage to the Bard by altering his poems, Mad Libs–style, with fart jokes.
YouTube Guide: “Girls Poop Too”
It's completely natural!
Why Reddit poop shots and OKCupid don’t mix
This is why you don't make your online dating profile the same as your Reddit handle. Also: A porn king gets shadowbanned, OP delivers, and the Beastie Boys meet Billy Idol.
How to create croaky tunes using YouTube
Create a hopping tune when you combine a frog that screams with number pad shortcuts.
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