The 10 best poop jokes on YouTube
Especially number 2.
The 11 most disgusting videos on YouTube
Go ahead, ruin your lunch.
Someone is selling a toilet on skateboards called the Go Go S**tter
Someone is selling a toilet on skateboards called the Go Go S**tter. Brilliant.
On eBay, you can dump $50K on this pooping-dog art
The title of the piece is “A Dog in a Sweater Doing Business.” The word “business” here is a euphemism.
EPA scolds employees for pooping in the hallway
There's a serial pooper on the loose in Denver. 
Watch a drone walk a dog
Just because you can doesn't mean you should. 
This vibrating pill is going to revolutionize your bathroom breaks
Because sometimes Metamucil just doesn't do the trick.
Mike Rowe lets adopted pup name himself with poop bingo
When it comes to naming his adorable adopted pup, it's a real crap shoot. 
Ottawa is using a drone to stop geese pooping on beaches
Well, that's one use for a drone.
There’s an Instagram account dedicated to the art of poop
Drop what you're doing—then take a picture of it.
This playground pooper is public enemy No. 2 in Ypsilanti
The city is desperate to flush out a serial soiler.
The best of #Buttflix, our favorite Netflix-themed hashtag about butts
Who says Twitter can't be a vehicle for social activism?
Baby’s first smile interrupted by important business
So that's what that look was about.