How cryptocurrency has become a force in philanthropy
It's not just for deep web purchases anymore.
Black hospital patient arrested after being accused of trying to steal IV
Shaquille Dukes says he suffered from a seizure and asthma attack while in the cop car.
Facebook co-founder warns against Libra, the company’s new cryptocurrency
Chris Hughes warns of Facebook's 'power to transform how people interact.'
The internet is celebrating a ban on ‘gay and trans panic’ defense for murder
This makes New York only the sixth state to ban the defense.
72 officers removed from patrol over ‘offensive’ Facebook posts
Over 3,100 posts were flagged as 'offensive.'
Prominent phone-hacking firm says it can unlock any iPhone for law enforcement
The company says it can also hack into leading Android models.
Woman records police holding Black man at gunpoint in order to ‘save his life’
Here's what the woman who recorded, and possibly saved the man's life, had to say.
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