The FBI plans to scour the Internet for incriminating comments
If you think you're simply talking to your friends online, you're wrong.
Megaupload shuts down after indictments
Opponents of draconian antipiracy laws have their first martyr.
Runaway daughter found—the old fashioned way
Ray Wilson, who turned to social networking to find his daughter, has in fact found her.
Redditors seek a new target for their SOPA rage: politicians
Redditors, basking in victory over getting GoDaddy to reverse its support of the Stop Online Piracy Act, are now honing in on a new target—in the U.S. Senate.
Live news on the Virginia Tech shooting
As soon as reports rang out that there was another shooting on or near the Virginia Tech campus, news reports, tweets and status updates immediately popped up.
Occupy LA protesters evicted
The Los Angeles Police Department arrested around 200 protesters late last night in a coordinated sweep of the Occupy encampment.
Tram rant spurs defense of multiracial Britain
YouTube viewers and Twitter users are indignant over a tram rider's rant against non-"English" passengers.
Adbusters documents claims of police brutality in Occupy movement
The activist magazine chronicles what they say is excessive force used by officers against the Occupy movement, one tweet and video at a time. 
AntiSec threatens to release FBI emails and techniques
The Anoymous offshoot plans to release "highly embarrassing personal information" about the FBI's computer forensic techniques. 
Occupy Portland mugshots are raising a ruckus on Facebook
Supporters of the protest movement are criticizing Portland police for violating privacy. But is that really the issue?
Occupy Oakland gets gassed, flash-banged twice in 24 hours
Police hit Occupy Oakland protestors with tear gas and rubber bullets as they battled for territory last night outside Oakland city hall.
Hiding your tracks with Tor could be risky, say some
A popular tool for hiding illicit Internet traffic may be vulnerable to attack say some experts.
Hackers threaten to do more than leak personal police data
Hackers expose private information of law-enforcement personnel—and may have more to release.
Outrage over brutal murder of gay Scottish man
A young gay man was brutally beaten and burned in Scotland and outrage poured in from all over the globe.
Did video show police brutality or protester stupidity?
Redditors debate what really happened when police and demonstrators clashed at an Occupy San Francisco protest.
Pepper-sprayed women get eyed in Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Wall Street protesters have released several videos showing alleged police brutality. But those on YouTube and other places have focused more specifically on videos featuring young, good-looking women. 
Counterterrorist agent’s turn to get grilled
Reddit quizzes Ali Soufan, author of "The Black Banners," on his years as an FBI agent. Can crowdsourced Q&A dig deep?
Band gets instruments back, thanks Internet
Social media, the Chicago Police Department, and good luck conspire to return the instruments of one Lollapalooza band.