Guy suspected of throwing buckets of poop on people arrested
He had five victims in four days.
Massachusetts police secretly used Boston Dynamics’ robot dog
'Spot' the robot dog was loaned to the department by robotics company Boston Dynamics.
FBI raided millionaire YouTuber’s home, allegedly took everything
Omi in a Hellcat says he's being investigated for tax evasion and money laundering.
Amazon says police can hold on to Ring videos indefinitely
Ring's relationship with law enforcement has faced scrutiny.
Cop was playing YouTube video when he crashed into woman’s car at 70 mph
He was reportedly watching a 'Grand Theft Auto' video. claims ‘racist’ flight attendant called police on him
He posted the flight attendant's name on Twitter.
PayPal pulls out of Pornhub, leaving sex workers to consider cryptocurrency
It's a devastating but unsurprising move from the payment processor.
White tourist filmed shouting homophobic, racist slurs
'He shouted at everybody and said the most horrible things.'
Cops cuff Black man for eating sandwich on subway platform
Protesters held an 'eat-in' on the platform.
Video shows police arresting churro seller in subway station
NYPD is facing criticism over the move.
Ring thought surveillance videos of trick-or-treaters were a good PR opportunity
Alongside statistics, Ring also posted videos of trick-or-treaters.
ACLU suing government agencies to uncover facial recognition secrets
The ACLU is suing the DOJ, DEA, and FBI.
Woman charged with manslaughter after allegedly encouraging boyfriend kill himself
She sent him 47,000 text messages within two months, telling him to 'go kill himself' and 'go die.'
Facebook page helps solve 15-year-old cold case
The crime-fighting Facebook page led to the remains of one woman and the arrest of another.