Despite legal threats and drama, the Area 51 desert event is on
The 'raid' was a bust, but the 3-day festival is happening—with or without little green men.

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Comedian Zack Fox’s Twitter ban might be the result of false mass reports
'Who tf is Zack Fox and why does it say I reported him?'
Police on horses lead Black man on leash through streets
The photos sparked outrage on social media.
Cop resigns after video shows him slamming Black woman against car during traffic stop
Barrett Teague was caught on video assaulting Adreneyonia Ensley.
Footage shows police making jokes as they were killing a schizophrenic man
'You're gonna kill me,' Tony Timpa said as police pinned him down.
Black teen proves a city councilman wrong after being blamed for car dent
'17 years old and respectfully made a fool out of this St. Louis Councilman who tried to harass him today.'
Video shows teenagers brutally beating Muslim man
The FBI is offering $5,000 for information on the identities of the suspects.
Cop fired after implying Ocasio-Cortez should be shot (updated)
He wrote she 'needs a round'—and he didn't mean drinks.
Philadelphia to fire 13 officers for racist, violent Facebook posts 
The officers demonstrated 'little or no regard for their positions as police officers.'
Oakland to become the third U.S. city to ban facial recognition
The city trails San Francisco, California, and Somerville, Massachusetts.
A police union is urging its officers to post ‘The Punisher’ logo 
The logo is supposed to show solidarity with officers under investigation for racist Facebook posts.
FBI plans to look at your social media even more than it already does
FBI wants access to user IDs, emails, IP addresses, telephone numbers, and geolocation information.
Cop who shot, killed unarmed man reportedly receives $2,500 monthly for PTSD
He was fired after the January 2016 murder of Daniel Shaver.
Charges dropped against cop filmed pummeling man during psych evaluation
Prosecutors allegedly contradicted the victim's story and blamed him for not cooperating.
YouTube executive blames his father’s murder for calling police on a Black man
'My father was murdered outside his home by a trespasser who he confronted alone.'
25 Dallas officers under investigation for ‘racist, violent’ Facebook posts
Four of the officers are now on administrative leave.
How cryptocurrency has become a force in philanthropy
It's not just for deep web purchases anymore.