Planned Parenthood fights STD-testing stigma with a new app
A mail-in test provides discreet health care.
South Dakota lawmaker makes ISIS the new Hitler in his anti-abortion crusade
Isaac Latterell thinks unborn fetuses are being beheaded in his backyard.
Why sexist attacks on Hillary Clinton won’t fly on the Internet
That might have worked in 2008, but 2016 is a different ballgame.
The great Lena Dunham–Planned Parenthood font dispute
It all started with a T-shirt and a bunch of celebrity selfies.
Did Lena Dunham sexually abuse her sister?
Just because Lena Dunham's critics are conservative doesn't mean they're wrong.
J.D. Winteregg hits John Boehner with ‘electile dysfunction’ attack ad
As if anyone ever found Congress arousing.
What happens when you try to “expose” Planned Parenthood on Twitter
You know those dastardly healthcare providers have something to hide.
Check in when you score
Before you do it, consider checking in via that condom QR code.
Karen Handel botches Komen resignation on Twitter, Facebook
Embattled executive provides valuable lessons in how not to communicate online.
Komen enrages, X Factor engages, Zuckerberg amazes Tumblr
Facebook IPO! Planned Parenthood funding! Simon Cowell being mean! There's so much to reblog this week.
Komen foundation reverses stance on Planned Parenthood—sort of
Susan G. Komen for the Cure President Nancy Brinker made a public apology to Planned Parenthood and amended policy to allow the organizition to apply for future funding. 
Susan G. Komen for the Cure hacked
The breast cancer organization was hacked, apparently in retaliation for withdrawing funds from Planned Parenthood.
Twitter lashes out against Komen foundation’s controversial split
Everyone is talking about Susan G. Komen for the Cure's controversial decision to end funding for Planned Parenthood—except the Komen foundation.
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