U.K. to launch its own version of the Copyright Alert System
The U.S. continues to export its most toothless initiatives.
Sex toy piracy is becoming a problem on Amazon and eBay
Offshore counterfeiters in China are selling cheap (and often unsafe) knockoffs of popular sex toys on sites like Amazon and eBay. 
Hollywood giants sue 15 South Koreans for creating their own TV show subtitles
Good thing the studios are keeping those criminals off our streets.
The real reason the U.S. is indicting Chinese hackers
Stealing secrets from U.S. companies isn’t an act of strength or even clever sleuthing: it’s an act of fear.
#PayForYourPorn is trying to get people to stop watching tube sites—but will it work?
Porn stars want fans to start paying for their content—but it's all much more complicated than you'd think. 
Forget Popcorn Time—Zona is the future of online piracy
Why are you reading this and not instantly streaming every episode of the Simpsons for free RIGHT NOW? (Because it’s illegal, that’s why.)
‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ is finally becoming an ebook
Coming soon to a Kindle near you.
Pirate Bay’s oldest torrent turns 10 years old (and no, it isn’t porn)
The Pirate Bay may be in a constant fight for survival, but "Top Secret Recipes" will apparently never die.
Anti-piracy group caught using pirated photo on Facebook
A St. Patrick's Day post brings copyright-defenders nothing but bad luck.
Court orders man to pay $40,500 for pirating porn
Notorious "copyright troll" Malibu Media sued the Michigan man for illegally downloading their movies on BitTorrent. 
Popcorn Time makes pirating movies as easy as microwaving popcorn [UPDATED]
We might as well start a countdown until it gets shut down, but for now, Popcorn Time makes pirating movie simple. 
Italy blocks a record number of sites for copyright infringement
"The largest operation against file sharing and torrents known in Italy."
Meet the man who could ruin porn—or save it
Is the man who's sent millions of takedown notices to porn pirates a hero or a villain?
An Irish ISP stood up to record companies, and now they’re taking it to court
Labels go to court to force Ireland's second largest ISP to impose three-strikes policy.