Florida anti-piracy bill threatens online anonymity
This could be bad news for all kinds of people.
Pornhub makes a splash at the AVNs, the Oscars for adult entertainment
Pornhub is the face of Internet smut. But most people in the industry aren't cool with that.
‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ is 2014’s most pirated movie
A movie about pirates is still on the list.
People are pirating ‘The Interview’ like crazy
If Sony wanted everyone to see it, shouldn't they have made it available outside of North America?
Sony demands news organizations delete leaked documents
This just makes the company look even worse.
As Pirate Bay stays offline, copycats spring up
The Pirate Bay's still down, and no one's quite sure why. But there's plenty of alternatives.
The Pirate Bay goes offline following raid by Swedish police
Other torrent sites follow suit after servers seized.
Ubisoft found a creative way to screw with gamers who steal Far Cry 4
Generally-speaking, it’s a bad idea to yell “I totally just stole something from you!” as you’re sprinting out the door of a store.
Chinese censors target murder, ghosts, and extramarital sex
What is TV even for if not watching murder and adultery?
MPAA’s ‘Where to Watch’ site is actually really useful
Now this is how you combat piracy.
3 hours at Exxxotica, New Jersey’s largest porn convention
The Daily Dot met the brave men and women trying to make money off porn, and the few fans who still buy it.
Pirate Bay cofounder Gottfrid Warg gets more prison time
Gottfrid Warg's journey through various European prisons isn't over yet.
Journalist held captive for years signals release with a tweet
It's the first official statement by the journalist.
How Boodingo, the world’s first porn search engine, compares to Google
Disclaimer: If you're easily offended by really weird porn references, do not read this article. 
Counterfeit chastity belt could destroy your junk
Your wallet might be better off for buying cheap knockoff sex toys, but your junk certainly won't be. 
Maxis inserts hilarious bug in pirated Sims 4 games
The joke's on you, game pirates. 
‘Doctor Who’ episode leaks, new themed restaurant opens
Doctor Who fans have had a big hand in the new season of the show—and it hasn't even aired yet.
Internet piracy isn’t killing Hollywood—Hollywood is killing Hollywood
If Hollywood dies, the industry has no one to blame but itself.