YouTube ripper wins major lawsuit against record labels
Judge agrees U.S. courts have no jurisdiction over operator of Russian ripping sites.
Apparel site Teespring will fill your closet with stolen designs
Artists are constantly reporting pirated work—and yet more just keep popping up on the site.
Netflix and Amazon join lawsuit against Dragon Box
Hollywood's crackdown on illegal streams just ramped up.
Microsoft lets obvious pirated-movie apps onto its ‘top free’ apps list
The illegal apps are reportedly on Xbox, PC, and mobile.
The ‘Game of Thrones’ premiere was pirated 90 million times
Pirates still love watching 'Game of Thrones.'
Efforts to stop illegal streams of Alvarez-Chavez could determine the future of PPV events
Boxing executives are getting bolder with plans to stop the piracy.
Google has been asked to take down more than 1 million websites
You won't believe who made the list.
‘Deadpool’ tops list of most-torrented movies for 2016
People couldn't get enough of superhero movies this year.
With the help of former staffers, KickassTorrents lives again
KickassTorrents is back from the dead.
Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonde’ illegally downloaded 750,000 times in opening week
It's a popular album—both on Apple Music and torrents.
New Zealand says U.S. can extradite alleged piracy mastermind Kim Dotcom
This doesn't bode well for Dotcom, one of the United States' top Internet-piracy targets.
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