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Gamers take themselves way too seriously
A SonicFox tweet has gamers up in arms. Again.
Ariana Grande shows ‘Pokémon’ love with new Eevee tattoo
The Pokémon fan chose a cute monster to immortalize on her arm.
Michelle Yeoh to star in ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ spinoff about Starfleet spies
Captain Georgiou will cross over from 'Star Trek: Discovery' to a show about Section 31.
‘Game of Thrones’ offered an ominous tease for the new season
It's eerie and foreboding, but how much should we read into it?
Will Jorah Mormont be redeemed on ‘Game of Thrones’?
Could Daenerys Targaryen's most loyal subject's days be numbered?
Netflix’s ‘The Punisher’ remains slow in season 2
Jon Bernthal shines in another disappointingly slow and politically confused season.
‘Star Wars Resistance’ gets a season 2 pickup, teases ‘Force Awakens’ link
The show is about to make a collision course with a major 'Force Awakens' event.
Sony could spin off ‘Into the Spider-Verse’ into TV shows
There's a lot of ground it could cover.
‘Star Trek’ producer announces more animated spinoffs
Along with the animated comedy 'Below Decks,' CBS just announced an animated 'Star Trek' show for kids.
ComiXology Unlimited is getting the DC Comics and Vertigo libraries
DC Comics' library had only previously been available to read at will on DC Universe.
Blizzard confirms ‘Overwatch’ hero Soldier: 76 identifies as gay
He's the second in-game gay character to be identified.
Fans think Luigi may be transgender
The character has a lengthy history with gender nonconformity, too.