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Sex workers fear a Twitter ‘NSFW ban’ is coming in 2020 (updated)
It's unclear what Twitter has in mind.
Jason Momoa drags Chris Pratt for using a plastic water bottle
Aquaman is here to protect our oceans.
Free ‘Star Wars’ exhibition coming to New York
Dolby is hosting the exhibit for a limited time.
There won’t be a Finn/Poe romance in ‘The Rise of Skywalker,’ says J.J. Abrams
However, it sounds like there will be some LGBTQ representation in the movie.
Here are the best upcoming video games to look out for in December 2019
November was a huge month for games. But fear not: December has its own exciting slate of upcoming video games. Here are the top five that will hit shelves throughout the month.
FBI says gamer in cocaine ring used PlayStation Network for drug deals
The FBI requested Sony hand over data on the gamer.
Bryce Dallas Howard opens up about the Baby Yoda soup meme
'A baby sip, a hearty sip, we had so many options to contend with.'
What’s Black Widow’s real age in the MCU timeline?
Black Widow is allegedly in her thirties in her upcoming solo movie. Or... is she?
The best horror movies of 2019
From 'Midsommar' to indie hits like 'Level 16,' we've got you covered.
Yes, there are porn games on Steam. Here’s how to find them
Yep, Valve allows porn on Steam. And some of it is free.
Baby Yoda continues reign over the internet with sipping soup meme
Baby Yoda is cuter than Kermit, but that's none of my business.
This week’s ‘Watchmen’ is kind of a head-scratcher
That... was a very unexpected plot twist.
Dying Star Wars fan gets to watch ‘Rise of Skywalker’ early
The patient did not think he would make it to the film's December release date.
Here are the best free, ethical VR porn games and sites
Here's the best free, ethical VR porn online.