This bagel hack is hilariously stupid
There's a right and a wrong way to eat a bagel. One involves a power drill.
‘SNL’ struck a nerve with this ISIS recruitment ad sketch
The parody of a Super Bowl ad has people divided.
‘Fifty Shades of Gandalf the Grey’ is the mashup the world needed
Let's hope there's no balrog whip involved.
The galaxy’s foxiest space pilot stars in the latest Nerdist parody
The guardians of the forest are now the guardians of the galaxy.
‘Canadian Sniper’ is a heroic and fake tale from our neighbors to the north
Canada's bravest son does what he has to do to defeat those wretched moose.
Conan O’Brien’s hardware store commercial parodies that ridiculous ‘Fifty Shades’ scene
Please, just buy your sex supplies from a sex shop like a normal person.
This is why Link from The Legend of Zelda could never fly on a plane
Why can't he just get around on Epona?
A bunch of ‘Brady Bunch’ memes just broke Tumblr
Everyone's talking about it at sküle.
Maroon 5 parody somehow manages to make ‘Animals’ even creepier
We hope no stuffed animals were harmed in the making of this video.
When a Twitter parody account isn’t just a parody
A more insidious form of impersonator has begun to emerge.
Reimagining ‘Serial’ as a romantic comedy
"My interest in it has been you..."
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