Amy Schumer calls out rape culture in ‘Friday Night Lights’ parody
'That other team ain't going to just lay down and give it to you; you gotta go out there and take it!'
‘Batman v Superman’ gets the preemptive parody it deserves
'Batman v Superman: The Punch From Space' would have been so much better.
Library staff parodies Taylor Swift with book-related jam
'Check It Out' explains all the benefits of library membership—to one sick beat.
White people have ruined the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ theme
This idea has been done to death—and then some.
‘Game of Thrones’ meets bedtime reading with ‘Goodnight, Westeros’
Too bad it takes you two decades to get to the end.
Key & Peele have the only ‘Game of Thrones’ recap you need
It's cold-blooded up in Westeros, dawg.
Hellish ‘Lego Movie’ remix is the stuff of nightmares
Everything is a horror movie when you're part of a team!
If you think those ‘Shot on an iPhone’ ads are too perfect, you’ll love this parody campaign
Nothing like a little mockery to take the edge off frustratingly unrealistic advertising.
Settlers of Catan parody Settlers of Brooklyn is painfully accurate
Your resources? Coffee, bicycles, vinyl, skinny jeans, and kale.
Girl Scout duo parodies Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’ for maximum adorableness
'So you’re gonna buy some cookies / Or you’re gonna go down in flames.'
‘Princess Bride’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ make for a perfect mashup
Never get involved in a land war in Westeros.
Nothing is more twee than this Wes Anderson ‘X-Men’ spoof
It's like if 'Rushmore' had been about mutants.
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