‘Death of a Content Creator’ is a tragedy for the Internet age
'Once I start getting that video ad revenue, I'll buy you that big house in the suburbs.'
‘Fury Road’ finally gets a trailer worthy of its ‘Mad Max’ predecessors
Two trailers enter. The badass '80s version leaves.
Mad Max fans have invaded this cake decoration’s Amazon reviews
"Will this product ensure my path to Valhalla?"
‘Star Trek’ gets the Riker spinoff parody we always wanted
Being a ladies’ man catches up to you, eventually.
Amy Schumer goes inside ‘Toddlers & Tiaras’ with ‘Babies & Bustiers’
'If God didn’t want this for my daughter, then why the hell did he make her so friggin’ attractive?'
‘Unbreakable Mad Max’ is the viral sensation you have to see to believe
The most unlikely crossover yet works perfectly.
We spoke to Weird YouTube’s most gifted TV theme song lyricist
Jeffrey Davis is just trying to explain television—one tune at a time.
Some madman mashed up ‘Mad Max’ and ‘Mac and Me’
Combining two films with nothing in common except a vaguely similar aesthetic equals greatness.
This Netflix parody hits dangerously close to home
Stop judging our binges, Netflix.
Ultron’s version of ‘Uptown Funk’ is Earth’s mightiest remix
Stop! Wait a minute—this video needs some Loki in it.
Did this promotional video for the Cleveland Cavaliers make light of domestic violence?
The Cavaliers promotional team needs to be smarter than this.
’12 Angry Men Inside Amy Schumer’ is a damn masterpiece
Twelve angry men throw around a couple innocent dildos.
Amy Schumer’s boy-band parody launches a viral selfie campaign
The reigning queen of comedy is at it again.
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