This Twitter account is parodying Amazon customer service
The account roasts customers who complain.
‘Mini AOC’ parody account deletes all social media following controversial tweet
'Mini AOC's' stepfather claims their family received death threats.
Comedian Demi Adejuyigbe’s Oscar song parodies are hilarious
'Black Panther' and 'Green Book' needed these songs.
‘Movie Goofs’ Twitter account is hilarious whether you get it or not
The movie never did explain how the Statue of Liberty wound up on the planet of the apes...
Childish Gambino’s ‘This Is America’ works perfectly in ‘Fortnite’
If you like Childish Gambino and Fortnite, this is the video for you.
Mayor defends Australian city depicted in ‘Rick and Morty’ parody
‘In some ways, I guess any publicity is good publicity.’
China bans online parody videos that ‘distort, mock, or defame’
China wants its videos to promote 'fine traditional Chinese culture.'
Someone reimagined the cast of Seinfeld as modern-day hipsters
Here for Elaine with a half-shaved head.
Poet in Chief compresses Trump tweets into transcendent limericks
The president's 30,000-plus tweets make stunning poems.
No one parodies ‘Gaston’ like Deadpool
His kill count is intimidating.
These parodies of podcast ads are spot on
Why not commit your next murder with one of Harry's razors?
The funniest SXSW parody accounts to follow
It’s hard not make fun of the pure extravagance of SXSW.
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