An artist collaborated with her 4-year-old, and the results are fantastic
"If you can’t share, we might have to take it away if you can’t share," Hendricks's daughter told her.
“Sesame Street” reaches out online to kids with incarcerated parents
Sesame Workshop's "Little Children, Big Challenges" lets kids whose parents are locked up know they're not alone.
Daily Fluff: Puppies participate in school parenting project
Two Tennessee golden retrievers are learning about responsibility in ninth grade.
Facebook faces criminal complaint for role in 14-year-old girl’s suicide
The Italian Parent's Association say Facebook did not do enough to protect bullying victim Caroline Picchio.
The Tweekender: Bieber’s bodyguard has a bodyguard
Even being a Twitter cofounder's mom isn't enough to get the coveted "verified" badge.
#WeirdWednesday: Tweeting IMDB’s absurd parental warnings
@advsoryguide tweets "A muppet dances, sexually, in a cage," and other parental movie warnings from IMDB.
FTC updates Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act
After 14 years without revision, some of the terms in COPPA required updating.
How Christina Aguilera became queen of “dying grandparents”
Explaining the SEO behind this totally bizarre Google image search.
The non-parent’s guide to parenting blogs
Rohin Guha doesn't have kids of his own, but he still apprecaites the humbling nature of parenting blogs like I Delete Me. 
5 websites accused of violating kids’ privacy
Children's advocacy groups have asked the Federal Trade Commission to conduct a more thorough review.
The Morning GIF: Perfect poppet
Something's not quite right with this child.
Secret messages in the movie “Signs”
Are people really sending us messages through terrible Mel Gibson movies? Find out in today's Reddit Digest.
Parent makes child’s punishment public on Facebook
Her mom was tired of Ava’s penchant for inciting Facebook drama. So she put her daughter on the receiving end. 
The best lies we’ve told our parents
Fibs preserve family harmony—as long as you don't get caught. Twitter turned up some whoppers from our collective childhoods Monday.
What did you post on Facebook?
Facebook released a list of most-shared articles. Some may surprise you. 
Is hashtag funny, racist or maybe all of the above?
When the hashtag "blackparentsquotes" started trending on Twitter, some worried that it could lead to racism.
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