How to watch the 2019 Overwatch League season
The new season of Overwatch League is here.
Blizzard confirms ‘Overwatch’ hero Soldier: 76 identifies as gay
He's the second in-game gay character to be identified.
‘Overwatch’ Contenders Ellie controversy angers gaming community
The 'experiment' has only given fuel for rampant sexism in esports.
The top fandoms of 2018
An epic year of geeking out.
‘Is this an April Fools joke?’ Blizzard fans are having a fit over the new Diablo mobile game
Fans wanted a full-fledged PC game, and they're letting Blizzard know it.
The new Overwatch short shows a star hero coping with PTSD
The film focuses on's identity.
Robot temples to gorilla space stations: Every Overwatch map ranked
Ancient temples, neon lights, and more than one robot factory.
Overwatch raises over $12 million for breast cancer research
Blizzard gives back by giving to players.
Every Overwatch character, ranked
Primate scientists, breakdancing DJs, and robotic monks battle for the Overwatch cast's top spot
Korean Overwatch hackers sentenced to fines, probation
How many loot boxes can you buy for $10,000?
Belgium declares loot boxes an illegal form of gambling
FIFA 18, Overwatch, and CS: GO are among the games that could be affected by the ruling
Overwatch rolls out ‘Avoid as Teammate’ option to weed out toxic players
You've now got a little more control over who you play with.
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