Scientific advancement is predicated on the open and free sharing of data and results across the world. But scientists and publishers are mired in a battle to make that dream an Internet-reality. Keep up with the latest developments in open access science here.

The copyright question behind Obama’s recent publication in a medical journal
#ObamaJAMA highlights a loophole in copyright law.
‘Nature’ is creating a new online journal—but it won’t be open access
It'll publish scientific content related to human behavior.
Dogs labeled as ‘pit bulls’ are damned to longer shelter stays
Study finds that adoptions go up when shelters don't attempt to label breeds.
Gaze upon 118 bird migrations in one mesmerizing GIF
Researchers crowdsourced observations from birders to make it.
Scientists rediscover Jerdon’s tree frogs, previously believed extinct
A discovery more than 100 years in the making.
Scientists have christened a newly discovered dinosaur the ‘dragon robber’
It’s the oldest dinosaur discovered from the Jurassic era in Wales
Scientist’s reputation may not crumble when research is scrutinized, study says
Can’t replicate your results? No problem, study says.
Academic watchdog spearheads online database of retracted papers
Retraction Watch partners with the Center for Open Science for crucial database.
Everyone stop freaking out about herpes
The World Health Organization's herpes stats are no cause for alarm.
How scientists are dealing with an online, open-access future
Open-access publishing is inevitable. Can science catch up?
The high-stakes online future of open-access science
It's Open Access Week. And that's good news for science.
Academic journals are facing a battle to weed out fake peer reviews
Responsible publishers are taking the threat very seriously.
PBS needs to get with the times
While the Internet has changed the world’s access to information, legislators haven’t altered their approach.
Internet activists want publicly funded science to be publicly accessible
Copyright Week continues with a push for Open Access to research.
Why academics are tracking Mark Zuckerberg’s every word
"The Zuckerberg Files" compile everything the Facebook founder has said to an audience.