Pole vaulter has Olympic bid sabotaged by his own penis
When your own pole screws you over.
Is Smiling Usain Bolt the answer to Crying Jordan?
He's done it again and left a meme in his wake.
Russian track and field athlete banned from the Olympics
Darya Klishina is fighting to overturn a ban against her in time to participate in Rio.
Newspaper reduces Simone Manuel to ‘African American’ who shared historic night with Michael Phelps
The media has a long history of reducing women to a race, a wife, or a lesser version of a male athlete.
Hackers attack Olympics anti-doping organizations
They used phishing emails to try to gain login credentials.
Podcast: The 10 biggest stories from the Rio Olympics
Get ready for 90 seconds on soccer.
All the best underwater photos from the Olympics were taken by robots
Just wait until the bot starts its own Instagram account.
Check out 9-year-old Katie Ledecky meeting Michael Phelps for the first time
Even before she had Olympic gold, Katie Ledecky was cooler than all of us.
Are Men OK? Olympic edition
Men think watching synchronized diving is gay, and that's bad.
This petition encourages Wheaties to put trans athlete Chris Mosier on its cereal box
Mosier's the first out trans athlete on the U.S. national Team.
Coverage of Simone Biles shows that we still don’t know how to talk about adoption
When a sports commentator said the Olympian's parents were 'NOT her parents,' Twitter revealed that adoption is still cloaked in shame.
Wikipedia: Where you can find the best Olympic commentary
Forget what your high school teacher said about the source.
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