Ariana Grande’s Coachella set was celebrity-fueled delirium—and there are memes
NSYNC, Nicki Minaj, Diddy, and more jumped onstage at #Arichella. Despite the conspiracy theories and technical difficulties, fans loved it.
Lorraine and Biff meet up in glorious ‘Back to the Future’ reunion
'I can’t wait to see who runs this dump.'
You can download Windows 95 and play it as an app
Take a trip down memory lane with a download of the OS you grew up with.
Why ‘Star Wars’ is no longer essential viewing
By misunderstanding nostalgia, 'Solo' offered trivia—not a story.
The forgotten history of Febreze’s scented CDs
In 2004, Febreze released Scentstories, a profoundly weird device that wanted to create a symphony of smells.
Why hasn’t there been a new Couchsurfing?
Six years after its rapid decline, Couchsurfing is still hanging on, but it lacks the same sense of community.
Busy Philipps and Michelle Williams dish about the ‘Dawson’s Creek’ boys
In a series of Instagram videos, the stars reminisced.
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