Why ‘Star Wars’ is no longer essential viewing
By misunderstanding nostalgia, 'Solo' offered trivia—not a story.
The forgotten history of Febreze’s scented CDs
In 2004, Febreze released Scentstories, a profoundly weird device that wanted to create a symphony of smells.
Why hasn’t there been a new Couchsurfing?
Six years after its rapid decline, Couchsurfing is still hanging on, but it lacks the same sense of community.
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In a series of Instagram videos, the stars reminisced.
How Microsoft’s Clippy went from hated assistant to beloved icon
Microsoft's old, annoying assistant has made an unlikely resurgence.
Todrick Hall’s ’90s mashup will have you feeling all sorts of nostalgia
Did your favorite old-school jam make the list?
Terrible mid-2000 gaming comics are being revived on Twitter
Sometimes, the past should stay buried.
13 things you never knew about ‘Magic School Bus’
'The Magic School Bus' taught you science, but how much do you know about the show itself?
The Floor Is a new meme—and it’s heating up
The floor isn't just lava anymore.
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