Originally coined by law professor Tim Wu, net neutrality is the idea that Internet service providers should treat all data that passes through their systems the same, regardless of its origin or content. It prohibits ISPs from practices like paid prioritization. The Federal Communications Commission imposed net neutrality as official U.S. policy in 2015.

For marginalized communities, net neutrality is about way more than Netflix
A repeal means severe consequences—but activists aren't going down easy.
‘We’re All Gonna Die,’ a politics podcast: 69 ways to own the libs
This week we chat with a firebrand author, dissect net neutrality, and vape.
Former FCC commissioner blasts Ajit Pai on her way out
The net neutrality advocate had some harsh words.
Senators call on FCC to investigate fake net neutrality comments
The fake comments have been criticized before.
What’s next for net neutrality after the Senate’s big win?
The House is currently 57 votes shy of a simple majority for their CRA.
Internet mocks Ajit Pai after Senate net neutrality victory
The FCC commissioner is getting a very special tribute.
Senate narrowly passes net neutrality CRA, sending fight to the House
The vote was close, but now the focus shifts to the House.
Here’s how to watch today’s critical net neutrality Senate vote
Net neutrality proponents are optimistic it will pass.
85 major companies ask Congress to pass net neutrality CRA
The companies include Reddit, Etsy, Yelp, Warby Parker, Vimeo, and more.
‘We’re All Gonna Die,’ Ep. 47: A net neutrality boiling point
It's time to be that annoying Facebook friend.
Senate Democrats officially kick off net neutrality fight
The deadline for a full Senate vote in June 12.
The internet is going on ‘Red Alert’ tomorrow to try and save net neutrality
Etsy, Tumblr, PornHub, and Vimeo are among the websites participating.
How net neutrality activists are going face-to-face with members of Congress
Nearly 6,000 businesses signed the letter that was delivered to lawmakers across the country.
Senate to vote on net neutrality following game-changing petition
Internet activists are gearing up for more net neutrality protests in light of the decision.
As the net neutrality CRA deadline in Congress approaches, support continues to grow
More than 1.3 million people have called lawmakers to vote for the net neutrality CRA.
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