Originally coined by law professor Tim Wu, net neutrality is the idea that Internet service providers should treat all data that passes through their systems the same, regardless of its origin or content. It prohibits ISPs from practices like paid prioritization. The Federal Communications Commission imposed net neutrality as official U.S. policy in 2015.

Kamala Harris says she will restore net neutrality if elected
Harris has been vocal in her support of net neutrality.
Your wireless data is probably being throttled, study finds
A report from the same researchers last year prompted questions from lawmakers.
Amy Klobuchar wants to wield the White House to save net neutrality
Klobuchar's plan is similar to how states have reacted in the wake of the FCC's repeal.
Restoring net neutrality is part of Pete Buttigieg’s rural economy plan
Buttigieg called net neutrality legislation 'necessary.'
These 2020 Dems promise an FCC that will restore net neutrality
Here's what they said they'll do about net neutrality if elected president.
Warren pledges to restore net neutrality if elected
Warren has been vocal about her support for net neutrality for years.
Exclusive: Bernie Sanders pledges to nominate FCC commissioners who will reinstate net neutrality
Sanders has long been vocal in his support of net neutrality.
AT&T paid Michael Cohen to consult on net neutrality, FBI documents show
Net neutrality was apparently part of the agreement between Cohen and AT&T.
New Jersey state assembly passes trio of net neutrality bills
The bills echo other ones passed by states in the wake of the FCC's repeal.
Amy Klobuchar lists net neutrality as part of her 100-day plan for presidency
The senator continues to bring up net neutrality on the campaign trail.
Hasan Minhaj explains why your internet sucks in ‘Patriot Act’ episode, puts it on DVD
Minhaj addressed internet access disparities in the latest episode of Netflix's 'Patriot Act.'
Meet the home brewer turning beer into a case for net neutrality
Mike Ohleger has named his beers after computers, like 'Y2K Imperial Red Ale' and 'Dial Up Pale Ale.'
Democrats try to force vote on Save the Internet Act net neutrality bill
The attempt was shot down, but lawmakers said the fight will continue.
160 tech companies call for Save the Internet Act vote in letter to McConnell
Tech startups and internet rights groups are calling for the Save the Internet Act to get a vote.
How net neutrality advocates are protesting the anniversary of the FCC repeal
The repeal of net neutrality went into effect last year. Net neutrality advocates are pushing back on the first anniversary.
47 House Democrats sign criticized net neutrality working group letter
Internet freedom advocates say it undermines Save the Internet Act.
Net neutrality advocates slam ‘extremely troubling’ letter circulating among some House Dems
The open letter is addressed to Democratic leadership in the House.
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