Originally coined by law professor Tim Wu, net neutrality is the idea that Internet service providers should treat all data that passes through their systems the same, regardless of its origin or content. It prohibits ISPs from practices like paid prioritization. The Federal Communications Commission imposed net neutrality as official U.S. policy in 2015.

House Dems campaigned on net neutrality. But will they act on it?
The new Democrats in the House have been vocal in their support of net neutrality–how will that translate in Congress?
Ajit Pai cheers Congress’ failure to overturn his net neutrality decision
Congress' effort to reinstate net neutrality is over for now.
FCC finally releases emails on Ajit Pai’s ‘Harlem Shake’ video
Agency initially argued that releasing email with only the word "Ok" could be harmful
Net neutrality died last year. But the fight’s just begun
A lot has happened in the past year.
Democrats predicted to go in on net neutrality when they take House
The FCC could be under more heightened scrutiny.
There’s still time for Congress to reinstate net neutrality
The deadline for securing votes has been extended.
Report: FBI investigating fake net neutrality comments
The FBI joins the attorneys general of New York, Massachusetts, and Washington, D.C. in investigating the comments.
Net neutrality activists are pressuring Dems who have not signed onto House CRA
The deadline for the CRA to pass is very close.
Ajit Pai admits Russia interfered in net neutrality process amid lawsuit
The New York Times sued for access to records regarding the fake comments.
Net Neutrality activists plan large push as CRA deadline approaches
Time is running out, so advocates are making one last push.
Democrats want answers from wireless carriers after alleged throttling
Three Democrats sent a letter to AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile.
Will a lame-duck Congress take up the net neutrality fight?
Rep. Mike Doyle doesn't sound optimistic.
Report: Sprint is already throttling Skype so you’ll use its video chat
Major telecom providers seem to be cracking down.
Supreme Court refuses anti-net neutrality appeals
As for the future? It's complicated.
Net neutrality advocates are crowdfunding ad buys to go after Congress
The group hopes to raise $100,000 for a variety of things.
Senators call on FCC to investigate fake net neutrality comments
The fake net neutrality comments have been at the center of controversy for months.
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