Originally coined by law professor Tim Wu, net neutrality is the idea that Internet service providers should treat all data that passes through their systems the same, regardless of its origin or content. It prohibits ISPs from practices like paid prioritization. The Federal Communications Commission imposed net neutrality as official U.S. policy in 2015.

Trump administration supports FCC efforts to dismantle net neutrality rules
Open internet advocacy groups aren't going down without a fight.
No, net neutrality activists aren’t going to shame Rep. Steve Scalise with a billboard
'We would obviously not run billboards against somebody who is in the hospital.'
Net neutrality activists to name and shame members of Congress on giant billboards
'Internet users are pissed off and paying attention.'
Major net neutrality protest led to more than 2 million comments submitted to the FCC
More people left comments than during the 2014 Internet Slowdown.
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Here are the 170 major internet players taking part in the big net neutrality protest
A lot of websites you visit everyday will be participating
Over 130 YouTube stars take a stand against the FCC’s net neutrality repeal
The online video creators who signed the letter collectively have more than 165 million subscribers.
Netflix joins growing protest to save net neutrality
Several other tech giants and advocacy groups have also joined the cause.
Pornhub’s next protest will finally make you understand net neutrality
Pornhub announced Wednesday that the website will participate in a virtual protest against the latest proposal to threaten net neutrality.
Tech giants join internet advocacy groups for day of protest to save net neutrality
Several major tech companies have signed on to participate in the 'Internet-Wide Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality.'
Netflix backs out of the fight for net neutrality
CEO Reed Hastings throws in the towel.
Comcast accused of censorship after sending takedown order to pro-net neutrality site
Comcast says the site violates its intellectual property, but activists are warning of censorship.
FCC is one step closer to overturning net neutrality
Is this the beginning of the end for net neutrality?
John Oliver wants you to save net neutrality—again
If you think you've heard about John Oliver rallying the internet to save net neutrality before, you're right.
Democrats want more Republican concessions on net neutrality deal
A net neutrality bill would need 60 votes from the Senate.
Federal court upholds net neutrality rules as FCC aims to eliminate them
The Republican-led FCC plans to eliminate federal net neutrality rules established under the Obama administration.
The FCC is stealing the language of internet freedom to kill net neutrality
What does 'internet freedom' mean? It depends on what you think about net neutrality.