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The national treasures hiding in your backyard
Now more than ever, it's time to find your park.
NASA scientists puzzled by mysterious circles in Arctic sea ice
Even NASA scientists aren't quite sure how they formed.
Just in time for Halloween, here’s a ton of creepy bugs
We're completely grossed out—and completely fascinated.
Scientists discover an ‘octopus city’ off the coast of Australia
Scientists gave this octopus city the perfect name.
Google searches for ‘am I blind’ inevitably spike after people ignore eclipse warnings
The terms hit max popularity moments after the eclipse.
Drones find their most important use yet: Rebuilding our planet
The aerial vehicles plant trees 10 times faster than humans for half the price.
Use the sleepy snake meme to let people know they’re never gonna get laid
At the moment, he stands no chance of mating.
Trump administration drops protections for whales, turtles
The National Marine Fisheries Service's ruling is one of the administration's first moves targeting protections for threatened species.
Scientists keep accidentally doxing endangered species
Revealing vulnerable wildlife's location online puts their existence at risk, a group warns.
The staggering beauty of the national monuments threatened by Trump
Leading nature photographers joined together for a free ebook capturing the 27 U.S. national monuments being reevaluated by the Trump administration.
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