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Use the sleepy snake meme to let people know they’re never gonna get laid
At the moment, he stands no chance of mating.
Trump administration drops protections for whales, turtles
The National Marine Fisheries Service's ruling is one of the administration's first moves targeting protections for threatened species.
Scientists keep accidentally doxing endangered species
Revealing vulnerable wildlife's location online puts their existence at risk, a group warns.
The staggering beauty of the national monuments threatened by Trump
Leading nature photographers joined together for a free ebook capturing the 27 U.S. national monuments being reevaluated by the Trump administration.
Snail mail is cool again with the U.S. Post Office’s color-changing eclipse stamp
The U.S. Post Office's first ever color-changing stamp is here.
Ancient crocodile-like beast has scientists rethinking dinosaur evolution
Fossils from 245 million years ago represent beginning of transition toward earliest dinosaurs.
The Dino Sphere is Planet Earth in the palm of your hand
Dinoflagellates are way cooler microscopic pets than sea monkeys.
Jellyfish that looks like a flying saucer spotted in the Pacific
As if jellyfish didn't already resemble aliens.
Baltimore harbor’s trash-eating wheels will steal your heart
Being eco-friendly has never been so cute.
Researchers give tiny crab a magical ‘Harry Potter’ name
There's a new magical beast in the world.
This alligator is so big it will make you physically uncomfortable
Alligator are scary regardless, but when they are this big? No.
The ruby sea dragon sounds like fiction, but this video proves it’s real
Nobody knew this species existed until 2015.