How a 10-second Disney jingle became a meme in Thailand
The songwriter is 'amused, flattered, and relieved' by the meme.
Netflix ‘Parchís: El Documental’ tells the tragic tale of Spain’s biggest pop stars
The Netflix doc uncovers exploitation, absent parents, and money troubles.
Lil Nas X responds to homophobes in the most Lil Nas X way 
But he insists 'Old Town Road' is 'just about horses.'
Lil Nas X says you missed all his clues about coming out
‘Deadass thought i made it obvious.’
Man serenades herd of cows with saxophone tune
'He’s thrilled at how many people he is making happy.'
In ‘Wild Rose,’ a star is born
Neon's transcendent indie musical is the real deal.
Netflix’s ‘Beats’ hits a few interesting notes in a familiar song
Anthony Anderson stars in the promising drama.
One true pairing: Real-life love stories from the heart of fanfic
Five couples who met in the internet's most passionate corners tell us their stories.
YouTube rapper who glorifies pimping has been charged with human trafficking
In one of his videos, he rapped, 'All I want to do is pimp. Pimp, pimp, pimp, pimp.'
The genius way Genius caught Google allegedly stealing lyrics
Genius hid Morse code on its website to catch Google.
Spotify denies its new update was to blame for massive outage
Users in numerous countries reported issues amid the company's rollout of its redesigned app.
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