Spotify to allow indie bands to upload their own songs
Spotify for Artists offers a whole suite of DIY tools for musicians.
Nerds and emo put ‘good girls bad guys’ challenge on the map
Warning: This song will be in your head for weeks.
Is Beyoncé a witch? Conspiracy theory returns with accusations of ‘dark magic’
Bey's former drummer files a startling lawsuit.
Bhad Bhabie raps about former girlfriend on debut mixtape
But don't go labeling her just yet.
Hey, Canadian band Stars, are you OK?
Joking or not, do you need to talk?
Music Modernization Act looks to update royalties for the streaming age
Senate moves legislation to the goal-line.
Kesha honors Ruth Bader Ginsburg with new song ‘Here Comes the Change’
She also encourages listeners to get out and vote.
Doja Cat already seems determined to distance herself from ‘Mooo!’
Her debut album 'Amala' reveals an artist who’s spent years honing her craft.
All Bikini Kill albums are now on streaming
The influential feminist punk band's catalog is finally ready to binge.
How streaming is erasing the history of mixtape icons like DJ Drama
Legendary tapes are being left behind by Spotify.
Pussy Riot member hospitalized after suspected poisoning
Pyotr Verzilov was previously jailed for running onto the field during the World Cup.
Studio Ghibli’s beloved soundtracks are coming to vinyl
'My Neighbor Totoro' and others are coming to a player near you.
Florida inmates to lose their legally downloaded music
A change in providers will wipe out many inmates' libraries.
Avril Lavigne opens up about her struggle with Lyme disease in emotional fan letter
Lavigne's back with a new song based on her experiences with Lyme disease.
Nas denies ex-wife Kelis’ account of physical, mental abuse
Nas has accused Kelis of 'taking advantage' of the Me Too movement.
Kanye West makes surprise appearance at the Pornhub Awards
The rap star served as the event's co-creative director.
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