Drake booed offstage by Frank Ocean fans
Looks like Tyler, the Creator got caught in a little bait-and-switch.
Summer Walker accused of being rude to fan during meet-and-greet
There's an ongoing debate about it on Twitter since Walker is a known introvert.
Twitter users are remixing ‘Eleanor Rigby’ for new meme
The meme remixes three original verses from the 1966 song.
Kanye’s $55 brunch draws Fyre Fest comparisons
West and his choir performed Friday night at the annual 'Brunchella' fundraising event at Bethany Church.
Joe Rogan confirms his cousin is My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way
Despite being in the same family, Rogan says he and Way don’t know each other. 
Charli XCX fan criticized for asking her to sign their douche
It's being called sexual harassment online.
Ariana Grande, AOC, and Bernie Sanders are vibin’ on Twitter
Grande tweeted, 'baby how u feelin.' And Sanders responded.
Did Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Is King’ lowkey rip-off The Legend of Zelda?
One of the album's tracks sounds strikingly familiar...
#NoMusicForICE: Hundreds of musicians boycott Amazon festival
More than 800 musicians have signed.
Hailey Bieber denies shading Selena Gomez with ‘I’ll Kill You’ Instagram post
The post came shortly after Gomez released her latest song, 'Lose You to Love Me,' which details a toxic relationship.
Lizzo officially credits ‘DNA test’ tweet writer on ‘Truth Hurts’
Lizzo responded to a separate plagiarism claim with a lawsuit.
Maggie Rogers calls out catcaller at Austin concert
A man yelled 'take your top off' in the middle of her speech.
MAGA rappers are dropping beats for Trump
A head-turning genre makes a social media splash.
Billie Eilish fans think they figured out who stole her ring
The Twitter detectives shared video and photographic evidence of the alleged thief.
Demi Lovato’s nude photos allegedly leaked on Snapchat
It hasn't been confirmed that it was actually Lovato in the photos, but fans are still upset.
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