Marvel: No plans for a female-led superhero movie before 2017
Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige said females heroes "already play major roles."
This fanmade short film is torture for Wonder Woman fans
Why isn’t there a Wonder Woman movie yet?
Website tracks disastrous DC Comics news so fans don’t have to
Has DC Done Something Stupid Today answers the question every fan wants to know but doesn't want to ask.
WeLoveFine’s fine line of geeky fashion
From Star Trek to My Little Pony, this growing shop has you covered for all your geeky fashion needs.
MediAvengers brings superhero news to real-world publications
Marvel's leading characters get the paparazzi treatment, courtesy of one deviantART user.
How to use DeviantArt to launch your comic-art career
Growing up on the South Side of Chicago, Chris Copeland was more likely to pick up a gun than a paintbrush.
This is what happens when you write about millennials
In today's Dotted Lines: Millennials, Snapchats, Newtown, outrage, no Facebook friends, sexy Facebook friends, Marvel, and scented underwear.
Little girls school the comics industry with amazing cosplay
Alexandra Law is turning photos of young cosplayers into actual comic book superheroes. 
Marvel’s free comics are so popular, no one can download them
From now until the end of Tuesday, you can download up to 700 free Marvel comics from the comic store and hugely popu. That is, if you can get through.
The Morning GIF: The Legion of Doom
Brazilian artist mashes up Marvel, DC, and modern bad guys in this villainous collective.
The top 10 most important fandoms of 2012
These communities shaped the way we thought about all fandoms in 2012—largely for the better.
The top 9 things that made fandom squee in 2012
In fandom, it was a year of long-awaited and highly anticipated returns, reboots, and reunions. 
YouTube Guide: Dumping Overly Attached Girlfriend
Breaking up is hard to do and harder still when your girlfriend is practically joined at the hip.
Stan Lee’s super-powered AMA
Plus: Imgur's founder answers your questions, find out what subreddit's the most talkative, and an amazing piece of Google Maps detective work.
Marvel’s Stan Lee launches YouTube channel for true believers
The mighty Marvel icon kicked off his official YouTube channel at Comic-Con with a lineup of five shows. 'Nuff said!
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