Censored version of ‘Black Panther’ breaks Saudi Arabia’s movie ban
Saudia Arabia is relaxing its conservative attitude to cinema.
Carrie Coon revealed as key ‘Infinity War’ villain
She's a member of Thanos' team, the Black Order.
Russo Brothers promise emotional closure for Winter Soldier fans
The Winter Soldier arc is coming to a close.
Who will die in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’?
An in-depth look at which Avengers are doomed to die.
‘Avengers: Infinity War’ is already shattering box office records
It could break the records set by 'Black Panther.'
Stan Lee’s blood allegedly stolen for ‘DNA ink’ autographs
The latest in a string of troubling reports.
Marvel will bring back the Fantastic Four this summer
Marvel's first family will return in August.
Avengers unite to help out terminally ill boy
They came together for a good cause.
Paris Hilton’s ‘Infinity War’ meme just put everyone else’s to shame
This is the most epic crossover event. Period.
Jessica Jones’ season 2 is actually Marvel’s darkest origin story
Hellcat's origin story shows the dark side of female empowerment.
Marvel vs. DC: Which comics universe reigns supreme?
The Marvel vs. DC debate has been raging for almost a century.
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