‘Iron Fist’ is officially canceled after 2 lackluster seasons
Danny Rand can't punch his way out of abysmal reviews.
Chuck Wendig says he was fired from Marvel for getting too political on Twitter
He was told his Twitter had too much 'vulgarity' and 'negativity.'
Review: ‘Daredevil’ fails to evolve in gloomy season 3
Marvel's flagship Netflix drama returns with more of the same.
The horny history of Marvel’s Venom
A look inside the erotic subtext of the comics.
Ignore the haters—‘Venom’ is hilarious
'Gritty and grounded'? Forget it. This movie is hilarious.
‘Avengers 4’ directors tease fans with this cryptic photo
Can you spot what they're hiding?
Marvel heroes like Loki and Scarlet Witch could get their own spinoff series
Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen would reprise their roles.
Why did Captain Marvel punch an old lady in the face?
Your reaction depends a lot on how well you know the comics.
Marvel tells writer to stay ‘clean and quiet’ about her comic’s untimely cancellation (updated)
Chelsea Cain already faced cancellation and sexist harassment with her first comic, 'Mockingbird.'
You can now listen to Marvel’s Wolverine podcast for free
'Wolverine: The Long Night' is a gritty, 'Serial'-style podcast.
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