Stan Lee dead at 95
The legendary comics writer changed pop culture.
Everything we know about ‘Avengers 4,’ the sequel to ‘Infinity War’
Casting news, release dates, trailers, and more.
Marvel fans paid $5,000 for a billboard asking Disney to rehire James Gunn
'Guardians of the Galaxy' fans are still hoping Disney will change its tune.
Marvel is developing a Falcon/Winter Soldier TV series
There's already a writer onboard.
Theory lays out just how much Nick Fury might’ve known about Thanos’ snap
He didn't seem all that shocked before contacting Captain Marvel.
It’s time to cancel Netflix’s entire Marvel franchise
Just put Marvel's Netflix franchise out of its misery.
11-minute ‘Daredevil’ fight scene in season 3 has fans freaking out
What does Marvel have against hallways?
Marvel’s ‘Luke Cage’ canceled by Netflix
A not-so-sweet Christmas, indeed.
Is this the first Avengers 4 trailer leak?
The person who told us Spider-Man was in 'Avengers: Civil War' is back with a hefty bit of info.
Chris Evans denies revealing Captain America’s ‘Avengers 4’ fate on Twitter
Fans thought his Marvel farewell message revealed a big spoiler.
‘Iron Fist’ is officially canceled after 2 lackluster seasons
Danny Rand can't punch his way out of abysmal reviews.
Chuck Wendig says he was fired from Marvel for getting too political on Twitter
He was told his Twitter had too much 'vulgarity' and 'negativity.'
Review: ‘Daredevil’ fails to evolve in gloomy season 3
Marvel's flagship Netflix drama returns with more of the same.
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