‘Captain Marvel 2’ movie in the works with new screenwriter
The original directors and screenwriter will not be involved.
Patrick Stewart has spoken to Kevin Feige about playing Professor X again
Stewart has had a 'long, long conversation' about the future of the X-Men.
Everything we know about ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’
Due out in 2021, the sequel just lost its director
It looks like ‘Black Widow’ went through a last-minute rewrite
The film's writing credits are totally different from what we saw last year.
Jared Leto makes his Marvel debut in the first ‘Morbius’ trailer
It's dark and gritty but without any of the campiness of 'Venom.'
‘Doctor Strange 2’ director quits over creative differences
Scott Derrickson previously directed several horror movies and the first 'Doctor Strange.'
Marvel isn’t planning to introduce a transgender character after all
The earlier quote from Kevin Feige was misinterpreted.
Here’s who Mollie Fitzgerald actually played in ‘Captain America’
The Marvel actor is being charged with second-degree murder. But salacious headlines aside, who the heck is she?
3 major franchises came to an end in 2019
But which one nailed the ending?
The 10 most influential fandoms of the 2010s
'Game of Thrones,' 'Star Wars,' Marvel, and others dominated entertainment this decade.
Kumail Nanjiani is super ripped now–and people are freaking out
More than anything, people loved the caption on the star's photos.
‘Marvel’s Runaways’ gets back to basics in its final season
Whittling down loose threads leads to a stronger third season.
All 4 of 2020’s Marvel/DC movies are directed by women
At long last, women are in charge of Hollywood's biggest franchises.
Tom Holland on the ‘drunk’ phone call that led to Spider-Man staying in the MCU
He opens up on the role he played to get Sony and Disney to talk again.
What’s Black Widow’s real age in the MCU timeline?
Black Widow is allegedly in her thirties in her upcoming solo movie. Or... is she?
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