The next ‘Spider-Man’ movie will be part of the MCU after all
Disney and Sony patched up their dispute, allowing Tom Holland to appear in the MCU once more.
Sony is developing a ‘Madame Web’ movie for the ‘Spider-Man’ franchise
This obscure Marvel character is a blind, paralyzed old woman with clairvoyant powers.
Marvel’s Kevin Feige is reportedly making a ‘Star Wars’ movie
The man who built the MCU will bring his magic to 'Star Wars.'
Marvel just turned Goldballs into one of the most powerful X-Men
The must-read comic 'House of X' just dropped another incredible twist in the X-Men universe.
Night Monkey finally gets the trailer he deserves
'The night belongs to the Monkey.'
Sony CEO says ‘the door is closed’ on Spider-Man’s MCU role
It's time to accept that Tom Holland won't return to the MCU.
‘Marvel Comics #1000’ quietly deletes essay that criticizes America
Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter is a friend and political donor to Trump.
Why ‘Thor’ character Darcy Lewis has an enduring place in Marvel fandom
She was the first truly relatable female character in the MCU, and that had a lasting impact.
Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is officially out of the MCU
Tom Holland and Kevin Feige have both confirmed it.
Every big announcement made at D23 about Disney+
Three new Marvel shows, Hilary Duff reprising Lizzie McGuire, 'The Eternals' cast details, and much more.
Kit Harington confirmed to play the Black Knight in Marvel’s ‘Eternals’
Another brother from House Stark joins Marvel’s Phase 4.
‘Spider-Man’ fans want to ‘storm’ Sony’s office in New York to protest him leaving the MCU
They want to wear Spider-Man costumes while protesting, naturally.
Is ‘Save Spider-Man from Sony’ fueled by pro-Disney bots?
Shady-as-hell accounts are driving the viral campaign against Sony.
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