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Amy Schumer Fan Amy Schumer shows us why we should stop being jerks to celebrities
'This dude in Greenville' almost cost the internet our future Amy Schumer selfies.
book with an illustration of two snakes coming out of a pair of pants on the cover Double Dick Dude shares the literal ins and outs of his anatomy—and more!
He also has a book out! And he loves puppies!
prom Viral post explains what happens when you're a bustier girl at prom
Prom is supposed to be the most exciting night of a high school student's life.
Donald Trump You too can play the 'woman card,' with this Trump-inspired deck
Turns out everybody wants to play the woman card.
Picture of uber screen Yet another woman comes forward to report sexual harassment from an Uber driver
She was given a $30 voucher, drivers are given preventive 'coaching opportunities.'
Blood orange This woman is tweeting all the gory details of her period directly at Donald Trump
'I thought this might also be a valuable educational experience for him.'