Late-night TV collectively refers to the group of talk shows, satire, and comedy shows that run nightly or weekly. Video clips are often posted online for the purposes of going viral. Late-night TV provieds a unique look at the ever-evolving pop culture landscape and how shows are (and aren’t) adapting to it.

Jimmy Kimmel under fire for his ‘MAGA vs. DACA’ segment
Critics say Kimmel exploited DACA recipients on his show.
Seth Meyers rips apart Roy Moore after his primary election win
‘I’m starting to think that hat is covering up a massive head wound.’
Every late-night host dropped hyped up promos for James Comey’s testimony
‘The place will be hopping, the beers will be flowing, and the wings—just like the testimony—will be hot!’
Stunned late-night hosts agree: Donald Trump acting like ‘dictator’
'We’ll have more on this tomorrow when they scramble to cover the whole thing up,' Colbert joked.
Late-night TV ruthlessly mocks the Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad
‘I’m guessing it’s a protest for Attractive Lives Matter.’
Seth Meyers wants credit for accidentally getting Trump elected
‘I got a man elected president, I want my points.’
Late-night TV responds to Trump’s win with fear, outrage, and hope
But they pledged to keep a vigil eye on him once he's sworn in.
The VP debate got eviscerated on late-night TV
Some of them even commented through their own debate livestreams.
Seth Meyers tears Donald Trump’s birther statement to shreds
'President Obama was born in the United States, period? F**k you, exclamation point!'