The Islamic State, more commonly known as ISIS, is an Islamic fundamentalist militant group that controls territory in both Iraq and Syria, and has affiliates in other parts of the world, including North Africa and South Asia. The group, which calls itself Daesh, has been accused of human rights abuses, war crimes, and has taken responsibility for attacks around the globe.

Donald Trump casts doubts on Russia hacking DNC, points to 400-pound bed-dweller
'The computer aspect of cyber is very tough. It’s hardly doable.'
U.S. and Russia reach agreement on Syrian ceasefire plan
If agreed upon, the plan could take effect by sundown on Monday.
American racists are better at Twitter than ISIS
And they love Donald Trump!
PewDiePie explains why he unverified himself on Twitter, did not join ISIS
'Does this shit f***in' matter? Absolutely not.'
Gay Syrian begs for help, gets crowdsourced guidance on fleeing country
'If I was straight, things would be easier.'
ISIS executes two of its members over claims of homosexuality
These homophobic ISIS killings come just weeks after a similarly graphic video was released.
How ISIS noobs are trying to become hackers
An online course on Kali Linux is being promoted by the main ISIS forum, but there is no reason for immediate concern.
Twitter shutters 360,000 accounts for ‘promoting terrorism’
Twitter may finally be winning its war against ISIS.
Pence says he’s ‘honored’ to be Trump’s running mate—despite his attacks on the Khan family
'I really couldn’t be more honored to be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Donald Trump.'
American Muslim family shocked after CNN uses mother’s picture in ISIS segment
The woman depicted in the CNN video is an American with no ties to ISIS.
Trans activist exposes violent Arabic threats on Twitter
A Kuwaiti man shows how intense the anti-LGBT climate is across the Middle East.
Despite its propaganda, ISIS also provides newsworthy images that no journalist can get
The photographic evidence is heartbreaking but also important.
State Department spokesman pauses ISIS briefing because of Pokémon Go
It better have been over a f*cking Mewtwo.
ISIS claims responsibility for Nice attack, suspect reportedly ‘radicalized very quickly’
The terrorist organization often claims responsibility for lone wolf attacks.