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Chili soap ices community
Redditor tests community limits with iced chili.
Bad date? Twitter it
A Twitterer shares bad date experiences via Twitter and Storify.
Laptop thief gets surprise police visit
Londoner aids police in arresting man who stole his laptop during recent rioting.
Wishing you a happy birthday on Facebook (or not)
Are Facebook birthdays the best or worst things that ever happened to social networking?
Reading rights: UK snooped on rioters’ messages
British law enforcement officials used messages they found on mobile phones of those arrested to thwart more rioters.
Murdoch pie-thrower gets wordy
The man jailed for pieing Rupert Murdoch blogs and tweets from prison—and continues after he's released.
Jell-O ads bring smiles (or at least sugar)
Sad? Jell-O Pudding is running an ad that may change your mood.
Hot off the presses of yore: Ye Olde News
This Tumblr features news tidbits from the past.
A weird kind of clean
Redditors invent a new way to shower, involving a block of ice and soap. Really.
Warren Buffett: “Tax me!” Internet: “Okay!”
Warren Buffett says legislators should stop coddling the rich and the Internet shares mixed reactions.
An underground Internet war in San Francisco
A San Francisco-based transit agency shut down cellphone service during a protest. Hackers took revenge.
I love you sweetleaf
Mature cannabis-culture group on Reddit mobilizes to teach the world about the positive effects of marijuana.
Rawrrr! Etsy does dino love with T-Rex
T-Rex may be big and scary. But on Etsy, he comes in many forms. 
A wedding photo that will bring you to tears
Too sick to attend her daughter's wedding, Ashley Broering's mom watched it online.
British cops tweet riot crimes
British rioters aren't the only ones using Twitter. So are the cops.
Who’s calling from 111-111-1111? No one
New York Times will stop using 111-111-1111 as its caller ID number on Monday.
Mystery roadkill floods Facebook page
A weird-looking animal met its demise on the side of the road. Someone posted a photo on a local TV station's Facebook presence, and the page has not been the same since.
Rock on!
Today is the anniversary of the first electric guitar patent. We celebrate Etsy-style.