Hiding your tracks with Tor could be risky, say some
A popular tool for hiding illicit Internet traffic may be vulnerable to attack say some experts.
Wikileaks is out of money
Wikileaks has suspended operations, saying it has no more money.
Occupy Wall Street censored in China
The Chinese government is doing its best to censor terms related to Occupy Wall Street—with mixed results.
The girl with no name
Why the Daily Dot hasn't named that girl in the sex video everyone's tweeting about.
Protesters cry censorship—no evidence required
Occupy Wall Street supporters accuse Twitter of intentionally keeping their movement off the trending lists. Twitter and others say they don't censor.
Facebook users don’t care so much about privacy
A new poll by USA Today/Gallup says regular Facebook users don't really care that much about privacy. 
A class-action lawsuit Facebook won’t like
Lawyers are seeking class-action status for a lawsuit that charges Facebook with improperly tracking users across the Web.
Reddit shuts down r/jailbait
Obnoxious requests for nude pics of an underage girl may have brought down r/jailbait.
One-quarter of American adults avoid social networks
Time, security, and privacy are among the top reasons one quarter of American adults cite for shunning social networks in the age of Facebook.
Banned subreddit sparks debate on censorship
Some redditors are up in arms over the banning of a controversial subreddit. The hidden truth may be a little more prosaic. 
The right not to remain silent
Our rights to speak and assemble in the mobile world are under assault by bureaucrats and businessmen.
Smile: You’re in an ad (like it or not)
LinkedIn didn't tell you you might be featured in an ad. Users have figured it out and they're not happy.
Facebook privacy rumors spread
A rumor about changes to Facebook privacy settings is racing around the social network.
Hacktivist group threatens Facebook
Hacktivist group Anonymous threatens to take down Facebook.
Exempt yourself from online background checks
Remove your records from online background check services. Here's how!
Barring the gate for trolls
A new "block" feature for private messages should make things harder for those who seek thrills by annoying users on Reddit, the social news site.
Zynga teaches you about privacy through a game
Social gaming site Zynga creates a game to teach folks about their privacy
A digital whodunit
Redditors try to break the mystery of a subforum where someone -- possibly a hacking -- is posting lines of code.