Six U.S. cities among the world’s most surveilled places
New research looks at the proliferation of CCTV cameras in the U.S. and abroad.
How to check if Yahoo owes you $358
You could be entitled to a portion of a huge data breach settlement.
Facebook suspended tens of thousands of apps after Cambridge Analytica scandal
The apps were tied to only about 400 developers.
How to turn off image metadata before it snitches on you
Don't let your photos spy on you.
Google Maps may soon come with an Incognito Mode
The incognito mode will cease collecting data on searches, sharing your location, and tailoring suggestions based on search history.
Kyrsten Sinema may face a censure vote—and net neutrality is a big reason why
Sinema's net neutrality stance is one of the issues the group has taken issue with.
TikTok accused of censoring content about Hong Kong protests
The platform is owned by the Beijing-based tech company ByteDance.
Government sues Edward Snowden for breaking a non-disclosure agreement
The DOJ says Snowden violated non-disclosure agreements.
Work-around makes private Instagram posts and Stories viewable to anyone
The simple trick allows any of your followers to give others access to your photos, videos, and stories.
Millions of Facebook users’ phone numbers exposed online
A password-less server exposed more than records on 419 million Facebook users.
Oregon senator said jail time should be on the table for Facebook’s Zuckerberg
Says he's "repeatedly lied" and "should be held accountable."
Embarrassing photo roll? Here’s how to hide photos on your iPhone
Not everything in your Camera Roll is meant for public consumption.
Google will reportedly pay up to $200 million to settle FTC YouTube investigation
The platform was accused of illegally collecting children's data to serve them ads without their parent's consent.
FCC isn’t happy Warren called them out over broadband, net neutrality
Warren criticized the FCC in an op-ed in the Washington Post.
Advocates ask 2020 candidates to pledge to restore net neutrality
A petition has launched asking for 2020 candidates to take the pledge.
Microsoft contractors listened in on Xbox users
Contractors say they regularly heard audio recordings of young children.