Republicans, Dems split over right to sue Facebook
Democrats and Republicans talked about a possible online privacy bill on Wednesday.
Twitter launches new ‘privacy center’ for users
The company said they want to be more transparent.
Facebook complies with Singapore’s controversial ‘fake news’ law
The city-state claims a post accusing it of election rigging is false–so Facebook dubbed it as such.
Senate Democrats propose sweeping online privacy bill
The bill aims to give consumers more control over the data collected by tech companies.
Roger Stone convicted
He was convicted on all counts in a quick trial.
FCC to replace comment system that got spammed during net neutrality fight
The system had millions of fake comments left on it ahead of the FCC's net neutrality repeal.
Google reportedly gathering millions of Americans’ personal health records
'Project Nightingale' is gathering personal health information from 21 states.
OnMyWay pays drivers to put down their phones, but at what cost?
This app will pay you to put your phone away, but at what cost?
Facebook says developers may have improperly accessed user data…yet again
It's unclear how many Facebook groups and users were affected by the incident.
Ring thought surveillance videos of trick-or-treaters were a good PR opportunity
Alongside statistics, Ring also posted videos of trick-or-treaters.
These congresswomen want a new federal agency to start protecting online privacy
The bill calls for establishing a new federal agency.
Cam girl sites breach leaves user and sex worker’s information exposed
The site's back-end was left without a password for weeks.
House Republican at the center of net neutrality debate announces retirement
Walden has been vocal in his opposition to Title II.
‘After Net Neutrality’ book explores history, activism and offers an idea for the future
A new book tries to re-frame the net neutrality debate.
Twitter suspended dissenters’ accounts during Egypt’s anti-government protests
Twitter suspended nearly 60 accounts during September’s protests.