Amy Klobuchar wants to wield the White House to save net neutrality
Klobuchar's plan is similar to how states have reacted in the wake of the FCC's repeal.
You can no longer label your Facebook groups as ‘secret’ 
The only options moving forward are to have either a 'public' or 'private' group.
Restoring net neutrality is part of Pete Buttigieg’s rural economy plan
Buttigieg called net neutrality legislation 'necessary.'
These 2020 Dems promise an FCC that will restore net neutrality
Here's what they said they'll do about net neutrality if elected president.
Trump’s executive order would make FCC, FTC social media police
The summary of the executive order was criticized by internet rights groups.
Court: Facebook users in Illinois can sue over facial recognition
A successful class-action lawsuit could result in billions lost for Facebook.
Warren pledges to restore net neutrality if elected
Warren has been vocal about her support for net neutrality for years.
E3 accidentally doxed over 2,000 journalists, YouTubers (updated)
Trolls are now spreading the leaked, personal details online.
Exclusive: Bernie Sanders pledges to nominate FCC commissioners who will reinstate net neutrality
Sanders has long been vocal in his support of net neutrality.
It’s time to secure your smart home
Make your smart home more secure with these six simple tips, including changing a few settings on your router and enabling a guest network. Here's how to do it.
Equifax might not give you that $125 (updated)
The credit reporting firm is finally paying for the 2017 hack that leaked millions of users' data.
Facebook tries to put a positive spin on its $5 billion FTC fine
The social media company was hit with a $5 billion fine for numerous privacy scandals.
Google settled two multi-million dollar lawsuits this week
The company will pay out a combined $24 million for both class action suits.
How to clear your search history on Instagram
Keep your Insta secrets safe, whether you're using the app or a desktop browser.
AT&T paid Michael Cohen to consult on net neutrality, FBI documents show
Net neutrality was apparently part of the agreement between Cohen and AT&T.
Oakland to become the third U.S. city to ban facial recognition
The city trails San Francisco, California, and Somerville, Massachusetts.
Should you be concerned about your privacy on FaceApp?
If you're worried about FaceApp, you should definitely be worried about Snapchat.
Google ‘terminates’ Dragonfly, its censored search engine for China
The company says it has no future plans to launch a search engine in China.
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