Kushner didn’t hand over Russia, WikiLeaks-related documents to Senate committee
Several documents 'known to exist' were not handed over to the Senate Judiciary Committee.
The Texas National Guard is using controversial ‘stingray’ devices to spy on cell phones
It signed a $373,000 contract to outfit 2 surveillance planes.
YouTube deletes thousands of videos from extremist cleric Anwar al-Awlaki
Anwar al-Awlaki's videos have remained popular, even after his death.
Canada relaxes rules around saying ‘f**k’ on the radio
The ruling came after several clips had the word in it–including Madonna's speech at the Women's March following Trump's election.
Clinton’s emails were hacked by Russia using brute force, investigation shows
The Associated Press dug deep into Russia's attack on Hillary Clinton's emails.
Apple might give developers Face ID data scanned from your iPhone X
Devs would be given 50 expressions and a 'rough map' of a face.
Signal launches true desktop app, giving you zero excuse to not use it
Signal Desktop just made this an essential app.
The curious case of Trump-linked data firm Cambridge Analytica
The story around the data analytics firm gets stranger.
Twitter bans ads from Russian outlets RT and Sputnik
Twitter said RT and Sputnik will not be able to advertise 'effective immediately.'
Encryption kept FBI out of nearly 7,000 phones in the past year
That's more than half of the agency's attempts.
Is Trump doing enough to keep this major privacy agreement alive?
The fate of a major U.S.–E.U. privacy pact hangs in the balance.
Twitter blocks Rep. Blackburn ad over debunked claim about Planned Parenthood ‘baby body parts’
Blackburn claims she 'stopped the sale of baby body parts,' which Twitter found 'inflammatory.'
Bots are flooding the FCC’s website with anti-net neutrality comments
More than 80 percent were posted in bulk.
Internet activists to descend on D.C. in support of net neutrality
The in-person protest follows a massive online protest earlier this year.