Trump wants to ‘cut off’ the internet after London Tube bombing
This is not the first time Trump has suggested censoring the internet.
Sarahah has been covertly uploading your address book to its servers
The app's founder says it's for a planned feature.
ICE plans to outsource data collection on 500,000 people a month
The move signals ICE’s plans to employ more advanced technology in its civil immigration enforcement.
Microsoft lets obvious pirated-movie apps onto its ‘top free’ apps list
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How activists of color lose battles against Facebook’s moderator army
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DOJ seeks 1.3 million IP addresses of visitors to Trump protest website
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The quiet war against ownership
A major conflict is shaping up between the owners of smart devices and the companies that produced them.
Apple takes down internet anti-censorship apps in China
'I would expect Apple to value human rights over profits.'
iRobot may sell maps of users’ home layouts in the future
Your data can always be sold to the highest bidder. Always.
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A beginner’s guide to the dark web
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Trump administration supports FCC efforts to dismantle net neutrality rules
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