The Trump administration’s war on net neutrality has officially begun
Is this the beginning of the end for true net neutrality in the United States?
Russian Tor relay operator facing terrorism charges
Activists call the charges a 'gross misunderstanding' of how Tor works.
Senate Intelligence Committee hires former top NSA attorney for Russia investigation
Doss will have a full-time position on the Russia investigation.
U.S. authorities seek prosecution of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
Authorities have reportedly prepared the necessary charges to arrest Assange.
Julian Assange: ‘Should I run in the UK general election?’
As world reacts to British Prime Minister Theresa May’s decision to schedule a snap election for June, the fallout has brought some wild characters out of the woodwork.
China bans government workers from sharing porn, state secrets on WeChat
Chinese government shares '8 Red Lines Not to Cross' for state bureaucrats, revealing ubiquity of social media in China and common sense work advice for the rest of us.
1 in 5 millennials prefer government spying to partner snooping
The majority of participants were averse to state surveillance.
Trump’s stance on internet privacy puts U.S.–E.U. pact on thin ice
President Trump's decision to kill key FCC privacy rules adds further stress to the already strained U.S.–E.U. Privacy Shield agreement.
Questions surround NSA’s involvement in Microsoft security concerns
Did the NSA turn a blind eye after its own failures?
Uber now lets you use an intersection as a pickup location
The company hopes it will make users feel safer.
CIA Director Mike Pompeo bashes WikiLeaks, calls Julian Assange a ‘fraud’ and a ‘coward’
This is a far cry from Trump's 'I love WikiLeaks' statement six months ago.
Senate probe into Obama admin. ‘unmasking’ efforts is being overblown, sources say
Senate sources say there's no evidence to show the Obama administration acted improperly.
United tweets appear to be vanishing from Twitter
The social media giant has some explaining to do.
Man argues that the worst injustice about the United fiasco is filming without consent
'Why aren't the passengers who filmed the incident...not in FBI custody?'
Keep ISPs from selling your browsing data with these powerful VPNs
It's probably time to take a little extra care after the recent Congressional ruling.
U.S. Customs agency withdraws Twitter summons over ‘alternative agency’ account
This was a losing battle, the U.S. government agency soon realized.
Trump, without evidence, accuses Susan Rice of committing a crime
'Do I think? Yes, I think,' Trump said.