Ajit Pai questioned by senator about FCC’s debunked DDoS claims
Sen. Brian Schatz did not let him off the hook.
Ajit Pai’s Senate testimony on net neutrality is petty as hell
Pai is expected to mock 'hysterical predictions of doom' from proponents of net neutrality.
Activists push for net neutrality answers ahead of midterm elections
Polls show that voters want their lawmakers to support net neutrality.
House Democrats demand answers from Ajit Pai ahead of net neutrality testimony
The letter says they are 'deeply disturbed' by the DDoS claims.
WikiLeaks posts letter from Senate asking for Assange to testify
WikiLeaks posted a letter from Sen. Richard Burr and Sen. Mark Warner.
Twitter bravely calls on journalists to fix Twitter
Twitter's CEO spoke about Alex Jones, and it didn't go great.
Ajit Pai admits FCC was never hit with DDoS attack
The FCC issued statements ahead of a report that is expected to show there is no evidence to support the DDoS claims.
Can law enforcement be trusted with facial recognition technology?
Facial recognition is everywhere now. What can people do?
‘We’re All Gonna Die,’ Ep. 58: An Alaskan about-face on net neutrality
Net neutrality is a deeply personal issue for a lot of people so we chatted with a constituent who tried to convey that to her representative in Congress.
Spotify removes ‘specific episodes’ of the ‘Alex Jones Show’
Another tech platform is cracking down on the InfoWars host.
Activist speaks out about publishing damning WikiLeaks chat
Emma Best has since been attacked by Julian Assange's account.
Julian Assange reportedly about to be kicked out of Ecuadorian embassy
What will happen next for the WikiLeaks founder?
Alaskans voice frustration over congressman’s net neutrality reversal
A protest was held outside his Alaska office after he said he would not sign the net neutrality discharge petition.
Republican rep. goes dark after promising support of net neutrality petition (updated)
After some back-and-forth, Young's office stopped responding, she said.
Net neutrality scoreboard shows how much House members take from telecom giants
The updated scoreboard can tell you a lot about your representatives and net neutrality.
Apparel site Teespring will fill your closet with stolen designs
Artists are constantly reporting pirated work—and yet more just keep popping up on the site.
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