Amy Klobuchar calls for net neutrality ‘guarantee’ in 2020 presidential announcement
Klobuchar has been vocal in her support for net neutrality in the past.
This bill would stop internet companies from throttling service during disasters
The bill comes after Verizon hindered California firefighters.
Senator proposes jail time, fines for companies that hijack your data
The bill also includes a 'do not track' option.
FCC net neutrality repeal criticized in House subcommittee hearing
The FCC's net neutrality repeal was questioned in Congress on Thursday.
These popular iPhone apps have been recording your screen without permission
These companies were secretly viewing your screen.
House Democrats to Ajit Pai: ‘It’s oversight time’
Democrats in the House are also holding a net neutrality hearing later this week.
Verizon tried to Super Bowl ad its way out of data-throttling scandal
While the ad was emotional, people didn't forget the throttling of firefighters.
Cambridge Analytica whistleblower is now working for H&M
Wylie is supposed to help the retail giant cater to consumers using data and AI.
Judges probe net neutrality advocates, FCC in oral arguments
The oral arguments lasted more than four hours.
New York, Illinois lawmakers make net neutrality moves
They're tightening rules to counteract the federal government's actions.
Here’s the net neutrality argument advocates are about to make in court
Oral arguments in the court case will be on Friday.
Net neutrality will be the subject of first House subcommittee hearing
Doyle was at the center of the House net neutrality CRA effort last year.
Facebook paid teens $20 to use an app that spied on their browsing history
Facebook's Research app circumvents App Store guidelines.
YouTube ripper wins major lawsuit against record labels
Judge agrees U.S. courts have no jurisdiction over operator of Russian ripping sites.
This website asks harassment survivors to share their stories—then plans to sell their data
ImWithThem could sell the information back to victims' workplaces.
Roger Stone arrested as part of Robert Mueller’s probe
Stone was arrested by the FBI early Friday.
15 senators demand FCC investigate cell phone tracking data
The letter features a number of prominent Democrats.
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