Apple’s iCloud encryption plan halted amid FBI pressure, report
The plan was scrapped two years ago.
Grindr, OkCupid could be violating privacy laws
Advertisers could have access to your OkCupid profile.
Instagram removing pro-Soleimani posts
An Iranian government spokesman said the move is 'undemocratic.'
Amazon employees leaked customer data–again
The employees have been fired.
Lesbian porn artist’s Twitter suspension raises new fears for NSFW creators
'Twitter really doesn't protect anyone in my field.'
Twitter accused of letting pedophiles discuss their sexual attraction to children
An academic says 'the sexual desires of pedophiles' are prioritized over the safety of kids.
Bolivian student arrested after criticizing interim government on meme account
She recently shut down the page after receiving death and rape threats.
Messaging app ToTok may actually be an Emirati spy tool
Security experts are calling on users to uninstall the app immediately.
2019 is the year the world turned on big tech
Everything is watching, analyzing, and listening to your digital life.
Tana Mongeau calls out ‘grown man’ who recorded her while she was sleeping 
'We made eye contact and he ran back to his seat.'
Lyft told users their last names violate community guidelines
Users with last names including Dick and Cumming were asked to change their names on the app.
How net neutrality defined a decade of internet activism
The war for the soul of the internet raged on.
House calls Save the Internet Act one of its biggest 2019 accomplishment
The bill passed in the House in April, but has stalled in the Senate.
Net neutrality advocates ask for rehearing on federal court decision
The court released its decision in October.
Report: Barr wants tech antitrust probe wrapped up in 2020
The Justice Department's probe was announced earlier this year
Why one senator stopped a vote on net neutrality
The working group has been criticized as a way to delay or weaken the Save the Internet Act.
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