Discord’s new terms of service say users can’t sue
The policy goes into effect Oct. 23.
Telecom companies sue Vermont over its net neutrality protections
The lawsuit is similar to one brought up in California earlier this month.
Tumblr security bug could have exposed users’ private data
Users' email addresses, passwords, and IP addresses were left vulnerable.
Apple just made all your data available to download
Apple is making your data available if you live in the U.S.
Study: 99.7 percent Of FCC comments were in favor of net neutrality
99.7 percent of the comments opposed the agency's plan to repeal net neutrality. 
Chinese social media star spends 5 days in jail for botching national anthem
China is serious when it comes to regulating online content.
Julian Assange’s cat gets caught up in Ecuador’s new rules for internet use
The protocol is part of a move to restore the WikiLeaks founder's communications.
Can Kristinn Hrafnsson end the war inside WikiLeaks?
Assange's right-hand man takes over.
Verizon brags about ‘Enabling Heroes’ after throttling firefighters’ data
The new commercial debuted on YouTube with terrible timing.
Google+ to shut down following disclosure of security vulnerability
Google discovered the breach back in March but chose not to disclose it.
What is DuckDuckGo, the private search engine that’s surging in popularity?
Unlike other search engines, DuckDuckGo doesn't track you.
What is the Congressional Review Act, and how is it being used to try and save net neutrality?
Here's what you need to know on Congress's effort to save net neutrality.
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