NRA gives FCC chair a rifle for ‘courage’ to end net neutrality
Pai apparently 'saved the internet.'
Leaked WikiLeaks Twitter messages slam ‘sadistic’ and ‘hawkish’ Clinton
'We believe it would be much better for GOP to win.'
Mozilla slams the FCC with a lawsuit for repealing net neutrality
The original petition was rejected due to a scheduling technicality.
British judge refuses to withdraw arrest warrant for Julian Assange
The judge also rejected the U.N.'s finding that Assange was being arbitrarily detained.
Activists plan ‘Operation: One More Vote’ to try to save net neutrality
Lawmakers have a bill that would overturn the FCC's decision to rescind net neutrality.
Chinese police are using facial-recognition glasses to hunt down suspects
The shades can identify someone in 1/10th of a second.
Court rules U.K.’s mass surveillance powers unlawful
'They are breaching the public’s human rights.'
Facebook to launch revamped privacy controls in 2018
A new control center will bring transparency to privacy settings.
This fake Sean Hannity account fooled Julian Assange
"You can send me messages on other channels."
YouTuber causes traffic jam outside FCC building to protest net neutrality repeal
If you still don't get net neutrality, this video might help.
Lyft employees reportedly abused customer tracking data
Current or former employees may have abused the privacy of Lyft users.
Verizon got a big tax break—but don’t expect faster Wi-Fi
The savings won't go toward improving its broadband networks.
Following Montana’s lead, New York signs net neutrality order
The battle for internet equality is just beginning.
Burger King trolls Ajit Pai with net neutrality ad
That's one way to get people to understand.
Montana enacts net neutrality, provides template for other states to follow
Internet providers in the state won't be allowed to block or throttle websites.
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