Ruling forces Twitter’s hand in Wikileaks case
After a controversial ruling in U.S. District court on Thursday, the Justice Department can now force Twitter tro reveal some details about Wikileaks associates. 
For some, it's just another Friday. But for a lot folks, 11-11-11 has special meaning. 
Dot Dot Dot: The smell of bastards and truth
The Rum Diary: The Daily Dot's programming summit goes to the movies, leaves with the smell of ink, bastards, and kittens. 
Fourth blogger killed in Nuevo Laredo
Another drug-cartel critic is found dead in the Mexican border town.
¡Viva Anonymous! The hacker gang is back in Mexico
A new video declares war on drug-fueled corruption in Mexico.
Anonymous targets extreme right wing Finnish site
Hacktivists are targeting a neo-Nazi site in Finland.
Facebook and Fox News escape Guy Fawkes’ Day unscathed
Anonymous' threats for action on Nov. 5 proved as empty as Harold Camping's rapture predictions, but the scheduled "Bank Transfer Day" still produced meaningful results. 
Brown names second alleged Los Zetas associate
While Anonymous may have called off #OpCartel, a Texas author called out a second individual for alleged ties to the Los Zetas drug cartel, despite a lack of evidence. 
Barrett Brown goes to war with the drug cartels
A Texas writer and sometimes spokesman for Anonymous names a North Carolina district attorney as a crime figure.
Anonymous calls off #OpCartel
After a week of serious speculation and safety concerns, Anonymous called off #OpCartel. Dallas' Barrett Brown pledges to continue the fight alone. 
What to expect from Anonymous on November 5
Big banks are near-certain targets, while it's far less clear if Facebook or Fox News will get hit by the hacker group.
Anonymous vs Los Zetas: Experts analyze expected showdown
Security experts and hackers agree, if Anonymous goes through with its planned #OpCartel attack on a violent Mexican drug cartel on Saturday, it would be an unprecedented move by the group. 
Anonymous confirms action against a Mexican drug cartel
After a week of various, conflicting reports, a self-identified Anonymous spokesman claims in a new video that the hackivists' #OpCartel action is still on. 
Donald Trump vs Jon Stewart
Donald Trump called Jon Stewart a racist after Stewart criticized Herman Cain.
Redditors rage about Wikileaks founder’s extradition
A court is sending Julian Assange to Sweden to face trial on rape charges, prompting furious debate on the social news site.
Occupy Portland mugshots are raising a ruckus on Facebook
Supporters of the protest movement are criticizing Portland police for violating privacy. But is that really the issue?
Doubts emerge about Anonymous kidnapping
Show us the proof that Mexican drug lords kidnapped a hacker, Twitter users demand.
Jon Huntsman attacks Mitt Romney in new ad
Republican candidate hopes his political attack ad takes a bite out of Mitt Romney.