Vape shops may be exempt from Trump’s flavored e-cigarette ban
Vapers have been pushing back against the proposed flavor ban.
Woman who flipped off Trump’s motorcade wins election against Republican
People were stoked about her election win.
Will Twitter’s new political ad policy exempt fossil fuel companies?
Twitter argues the policy is still in the works after questions were raised over climate ads.
These congresswomen want a new federal agency to start protecting online privacy
The bill calls for establishing a new federal agency.
Congress calls on Twitter to fight disinformation during the 2020 Census
The lawmakers want answers from the social media company.
Trump was ecstatic a Nationals player rocked a MAGA hat at the White House
Trump seemed shocked, adding that he didn't know it was going to happen.
Ukranian ambassador advised to praise Trump on Twitter to keep her job
Also says she felt 'threatened' by Trump call with Ukrainian president.
Hillary Clinton says Zuckerberg should ‘pay a price’ for what’s happening to democracy
Zuckerberg and Facebook have taken a lot of heat from politicians recently.
Trump’s staff reportedly discussed asking Twitter to put a delay on his tweets
Staffers quickly dropped the proposal over fears of leaks to the press or Trump himself.
Trump got booed, again
This marks the second time within a week that Trump was booed.
Tobacco and menthol not expected to be included in Trump’s vape flavor ban
Fears that the ban could cost Trump reelection loom.
New Yorkers cheer Trump’s announcement he’s changing his address to Florida
A lot of people felt the same as the New York governor.
Ilhan Omar supporters balk at her vote on genocide resolution
'You can’t just cherry-pick between humans and human rights.'
Trump jokes Melania wouldn’t cry if he got shot
The First Lady has yet to confirm.
Ocasio-Cortez praises Twitter’s decision to ban political ads
The New York lawmaker has been critical of Facebook's political advertising policy.
Hannibal Buress’ rent control views have people questioning if he’s a landlord 
The comedian wants you to donate to a pro-landlord website. And he's not joking.