Charges dropped against cop filmed pummeling man during psych evaluation
Prosecutors allegedly contradicted the victim's story and blamed him for not cooperating.
How milkshaking become a form of political protest—and a meme
The dairy drink is now a symbol for anti-fascism.
YouTube executive blames his father’s murder for calling police on a Black man
'My father was murdered outside his home by a trespasser who he confronted alone.'
Facebook gives noncommittal answers to Congress’ questions about Libra
Congress has asked a number of questions about the project ahead of its hearings.
Ocasio-Cortez sued for blocking critics on Twitter
A court ruled that Trump couldn't block critics on Twitter on Tuesday.
Trump’s labor secretary tweets through the backlash to his Epstein plea deal
Acosta has been facing calls to resign from his post in the Trump administration.
The truth about Trump and Jeffrey Epstein
Their entanglement is an internet Rorschach test.
Twitter, Facebook reportedly not invited to Trump social media summit
Trump has railed against social media companies for a while now.
Trump walks back White House invite to USWNT
Last month Trump said he would invite the team 'win or lose.'
Biographer reminds Trump of his skeevy comment about Jeffrey Epstein and ‘younger’ women
Epstein was arrested on federal charges of sex trafficking minors.