Vince Vaughn-Trump clip sparks cancelations, un-cancelations, re-cancelations
Cancelations were being thrown like flags on the field.
People are blasting Warren over reports that Sanders said a woman can’t win
#ITrustBernie trended as people sided with Sanders.
Mark Hamill deletes his Facebook and roasts Mark Zuckerberg
The decision comes after Facebook announced it would allow political ads that contain lies.
Florida man arrested for threatening to kill Trump on Facebook Live
He threatened Trump over Soleimani's death.
There’s a simple explanation for Trump’s recent bevy of QAnon retweets
Trump has been tweeting posts that dance around the QAnon phenomenon recently. What does that say?
The Trump campaign is appalled a government leader would get ideas from cable news
'Only Trump can get his masterful ideas from Fox & Friends.'
Trump mixes up 401ks with basic kitchen solvent, shames Americans
POTUS' incorrect tweet gets dunked on.
Facebook issues stance on deceptive political ads: Figure it out yourself
Users will have tools to filter out the noise.
Twitter accused of letting pedophiles discuss their sexual attraction to children
An academic says 'the sexual desires of pedophiles' are prioritized over the safety of kids.
Lawmaker blasts Facebook’s new deepfakes policy as ‘wholly inadequate’
Deepfakes took center stage during a congressional hearing on Wednesday.
Hillary Clinton tweets ‘I Voted for Hillary Clinton’
Hashtag trends as conflict with Iran escalates.