Ajit Pai questioned by senator about FCC’s debunked DDoS claims
Sen. Brian Schatz did not let him off the hook.
Trump bashes, owns, supports the free press—in 3 tweets
What did newspapers think would happen?
Ajit Pai’s Senate testimony on net neutrality is petty as hell
Pai is expected to mock 'hysterical predictions of doom' from proponents of net neutrality.
Activists push for net neutrality answers ahead of midterm elections
Polls show that voters want their lawmakers to support net neutrality.
Trump told Stern he considered a ‘Blacks against whites’ season of ‘The Apprentice’
'All highly educated, very smart, strong, beautiful people.'
Catching up with George Takei, social media statesman
The internet icon on Trump, history, and 'moving on.'
White supremacist gets interrupted during livestream by his angry dad
'I want this to stop in my room, Jason.'
Treasury Department may have broken federal ethics law with Trump retweet
It's not the first time the administration has violated the Hatch Act.
White House revokes security clearance of frequent Trump critic John Brennan
The White House said Brennan showed 'erratic conduct and behavior.'
House Democrats demand answers from Ajit Pai ahead of net neutrality testimony
The letter says they are 'deeply disturbed' by the DDoS claims.
Randy Bryce wins Democratic primary, will run to take Paul Ryan’s seat in Congress
A lot happened on Tuesday. Here's what you need to know.
WordPress refuses to take down Sandy Hook conspiracy theories
The father of a child who died at Sandy Hook is fighting back.
Former Trump adviser shares meme of president wearing swastika, spacesuit
He said he was 'proud' to be among those in the meme.
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