To Trump, Black people are the real racists
The president has a long history of speaking against Black identity.
House Majority Leader tells tale of hand-picking Starbursts for Trump
Only pink and red candies for the president.
Comedy writer offers $300 for reporters to ask Trump about Wakanda
It wouldn't be the first time he's mixed fact and fiction.
Report: 24-year-old was helping lead Trump’s drug policy agency
He had no prior political experience before taking the job.
Republican senators change course, now claim Trump didn’t say ‘sh*thole’
At first they said they didn't recall. Now, they say it didn't happen.
Donald Trump cries ‘fake news’ over Wall Street Journal interview
The Wall Street Journal stands by its reporting.
Trump still hasn’t commented on Hawaii’s false ballistic missile alarm
The president spent Saturday morning attacking the media on Twitter.
Dreamers allowed to apply for renewal of DACA protections
The U.S. government responded to a federal court order issued Tuesday.
Chelsea Manning is running for Senate
She is looking to unseat an incumbent Democrat in Maryland.
A second porn actress says she was invited to hotel room by Trump and Stormy Daniels
'Come to the party, we’re waiting for you,' Trump allegedly said.
Trump reportedly repeatedly asked U.S. intelligence analyst what country she was from
Trump thinks a 'pretty Korean lady' should be in charge of his North Korea team
Chris Matthews apologizes for ‘Bill Cosby pill’ joke he made about Hillary Clinton
Matthews has a history of making sexist remarks about Clinton.
Trump’s lawyer reportedly arranged payment to porn star before 2016 election
Trump's representatives skirted around the reports.
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