Suspected Russian Facebook page organized dozens of pro-Trump rallies last year
Did pro-Trump page Being Patriotic come from Russia, with love?
Mueller requests White House documents on key Trump–Russia moments
The Russia investigation just took a major leap forward—straight into the Oval Office. Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is heading the Justice Department’s investigation into Russia meddling in the election and whether members of President Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with the country to help influence the election, is reportedly seeking important documents related to several […]
Republicans distrust science news more than Democrats, study finds
Everyone thinks science journalism could use some work.
This bad take says liberals refusing to date conservatives is why Trump won
That feeling when your hot take is really bad.
Trump praises non-existent African country in speech to African leaders
What a difference one letter can make.
‘What Happened’ on pace to outsell ‘The Art of the Deal’
It's Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump all over again.
White House claims Trump’s ‘Rocket Man’ nickname is ‘original’—it’s not
The Economist called Kim Jong-un's father, Kim Jong-Il, 'rocket man' in 2006.
Jimmy Kimmel calls out senator for lying to him over healthcare
Jimmy Kimmel is upset at Graham-Cassidy.
Could hackers derail one of the most important elections in Europe?
The ghosts of 2016 are haunting Germany as voters head to the polls.
Trump reportedly using 2020 cash, RNC funds to pay for Russia legal fees
Trump has never stopped campaigning—really.
Melania Trump threatens to sue over questionable billboards
The billboards were simply misunderstood, according to the organization behind them.
Trump threatens to ‘totally destroy’ North Korea during U.N. speech
Trump's incendiary remarks about North Korea continued on Tuesday.
Major Republican group launches a propaganda site posing as news
While Trump loves to rail on 'fake news,' his party doesn't seem to mind using it for their own advantage.