Campaign finance watchdog calls for investigation into Trump-Stormy Daniels payment
Meanwhile, Pence called Daniels’ allegations ‘baseless.’
McConnell, Schumer agree to reopen government
The lights are back on. For now.
Kid Rock donates $122K raised from fake Senate stunt
The 'Kid Rock for Senate' drama is officially over.
On third day of shutdown, Trump lashes out at Democrats
The government shutdown stretches into its third day.
‘We’re All Gonna Die,’ Ep. 31: I like when Ivanka calls me CoinDaddy
Plus: A fun and meditative chat with cryptocurrency rapper CoinDaddy.
Donald Trump wants Republican to go ‘nuclear’ to end government shutdown
Trump has forgotten one important thing, though.
Will we ever see the Donald Trump pee tape?
One year after the Steele dossier, here's everything we know.
Here are the best signs from this year’s Women’s March
Women's March participants channeled their frustrations into creativity.
Trump openly trolls Women’s March by self-congratulating his ‘milestones’ for women
Does Trump not know what the Women's March stands for?
Twitter admits to exposing nearly 700,000 people to Russian propaganda
The amount of Russian propaganda is staggering.
The Trump administration just made its latest move to defund Planned Parenthood
This marks one year of Trump's tirade on abortion rights.
Government shuts down begins after Congress fails to reach deal
Negotiations went late into the night.
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