Hundreds of popular websites are recording your keystrokes and mouse clicks
Researchers worry users could be exposed to identity theft.
Google caught receiving location data from Android phones
An update to remove the location-tracking software is coming.
Infected flashlight apps are stealing money from Android users
Thousands of Android users have been infected.
Amazon Key flaw lets couriers stay in your home unnoticed
Couriers could freeze the video feed without customers noticing.
Hackers say they tricked the iPhone X’s Face ID with a $150 mask
The company calls the demo a 'proof of concept.'
Signal launches true desktop app, giving you zero excuse to not use it
Signal Desktop just made this an essential app.
Meet John Draper, the hacker who inspired Apple’s founders
The notorious phone phreak known as Captain Crunch is ready to move 'Beyond the Little Blue Box.'
Equifax reportedly ignored warnings months before catastrophic data breach
Personal data from every customer was left out in the open.
Encryption kept FBI out of nearly 7,000 phones in the past year
That's more than half of the agency's attempts.
New Gmail feature protects ‘high-risk’ users from being hacked
It uses two physical security keys for authentication.
Every Wi-Fi device you own is vulnerable to a devastating cyberattack
Android and Linux devices are particularly vulnerable.
How hackers can hijack your computer to make free money
You may be helping hackers create free money.
This bill would scrap your Social Security number as your primary ID
The bill comes in the wake of the Equifax data breach.
Equifax page taken offline after what appears to be another hack
A fake Flash update could be spreading adware.
North Korean hackers stole secret U.S.–South Korea war plans, lawmaker says
The hackers made off with 235GB of secret military data.
Russia reportedly stole U.S. cybersecurity secrets
The data could be used to launch a cyberattack against the U.S.