Report: CBP contractor hack was vast, revealed plans for border surveillance
CBP first acknowledged the hack earlier this month.
What is buffer overflow, an old vulnerability that’s causing new problems?
There are ways to mitigate buffer overflow hacks, but they are not perfect.
Financial service company left 885 million private records exposed online
Anyone with a link to a document could change one digit in the URL to view other files.
How to use Tor, the network that lets you browse the web anonymously
It's the best way to surf the internet securely.
Rami Malek reveals that he’s not great at typing
The 'Mr. Robot' star and his castmates reflect on their groundbreaking series at Tribeca.
Why Barrett Brown burned his National Magazine Award—and what he’s planning next
It came as a result of the Snowden archives getting shut down.
Kim Dotcom thinks video game chats can outsmart the NSA. They can’t
Pro-tip: Never use video games to hold sensitive conversations.
Law enforcement using Google location history to find potential suspects
Google's 'Sensorvault' is a treasure trove of information for law enforcement.
Website secretly filmed 1,600 hotel guests for fetish live stream
South Korea police made arrests this week.
‘International criminals’ behind security breach at Citrix
Citrix serves 400,000 companies and organizations throughout the world.
China’s wildly popular propaganda app is quizzing and tracking citizens
'Mom is already approaching  50, her eyes aren’t so good anymore...'
Developers’ sh*tposting group splinters as members begin reporting each other to employers
The group's activities were exposed following the cancellation of DerbyCon.
Your Android phone can get hacked just by opening an image
Hackers have a dangerous new loophole.
Can you spot an email from a hacker?
Google releases phishing test of the latest tricks.
AT&T, T-Mobile to stop selling location of customers to third parties
It all started with a fake bounty hunt.
The evolution of evil chatbots is just around the corner
Thanks to advances in machine learning, chatbots can now be exploited by hackers to deceive unsuspecting victims into handing over sensitive information.
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