11-year-old hacks replica Florida election results—in less than 10 minutes
For young hackers, overcoming government website security was a piece of cake.
Comcast fixes 2 security flaws that exposed personal customer data
An authentication feature revealed partial customer home addresses.
What redditors need to know about the Reddit data breach
Reddit was hacked, but the impact seems to be relatively minimal.
Activists push Wisconsin to audit voting machines in advance of 2018 midterms
Wisconsin will be an important swing state in the 2018 midterms.
Russian hackers may have caused blackouts in the U.S.
A group called 'Dragonfly' used employee credentials to bring down the power grid.
Here’s why Chrome is showing ‘not secure’ website warnings now
HTTP sites aren't secure, and Chrome wants you to know it.
Voting machine vendor admits to putting remote access software on U.S. systems
The company, Election Systems and Software, previously denied doing so.
LTE flaw lets attackers spy on your web browsing
This fundamental security flaw could be a serious problem.
Report: The NSA has secret spy hubs in major U.S. cities
Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle, and San Francisco all house NSA spy hubs.
Launch a six-figure cybersecurity career for less than $40
Learn a lucrative, exciting new skill at the forefront of technology.
ICE just signed a $2.4 million contract with this shady real-time surveillance firm
An ICE spokesperson confirmed the contract with PenLink.
Leaked emails from Google show Project Maven is much bigger than it says
Google could earn as much as $250 million a year from the partnership.
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