NSA ends collection of Americans’ emails, texts that mention foreign targets
Edward Snowden first exposed the practice in 2013.
Data breach of U.S. auto lender left over 500K customers exposed
The leaked files contained full names, addresses, FICO credit scores, and partial Social Security numbers.
Data breach at online trading firm exposed customer credit reports, Social Security numbers
The leak consisted of about 70GB of data at a firm reportedly doing about $50 million in business.
Russian Tor relay operator facing terrorism charges
Activists call the charges a 'gross misunderstanding' of how Tor works.
Political sabotage and rampant ransomware ruled cybercrime in 2016
Symantec's annual report details significant shifts in the world of cyber espionage and crime.
How to keep hackers from tricking you with this invisible phishing attack
Even savvy internet users can fall for this one.
City on the frontline of cyberwarfare to host Global Cybersecurity Summit
GCS2017 will host experts and thought leaders from both the private and public sector.
Trump fails to deliver a new cybersecurity plan within 90 days, as promised
The White House has offered up no plan to combat malicious cyberattacks by foreign hackers.
1.3 million K-12 students exposed by now-secured data breach
Schoolzilla, a student data warehouse platform, reacted quickly to secure the students' data.
Keep an eye on the things that matter with this clever WiFi camera
You can use your phone to monitor what it sees.
Make bank as an ethical hacker with this rigorous training program
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How to stop Microsoft Office hackers from stealing your bank account
Microsoft's latest security bug could allow hackers to make off with your bank account—don't let them.
Police arrest Russian man allegedly linked to U.S. election hacks
The alleged 'spam king' was arrested in Spain.
A hacker infiltrated the Dallas emergency system and activated 156 sirens
Want to hear the most annoying sound in the world?
Samsung Galaxy S8 facial recognition feature was tricked by a selfie
You probably shouldn't use this method anyway.
Verizon clears the air as accusation of spyware start to spread
While it's become common for apps to request a questionable range of permissions, it was the nature of the launch that had the EFF worried.