ICE just signed a $2.4 million contract with this shady real-time surveillance firm
An ICE spokesperson confirmed the contract with PenLink.
Leaked emails from Google show Project Maven is much bigger than it says
Google could earn as much as $250 million a year from the partnership.
Facebook improves privacy, security of 2-factor authentication
We strongly recommend you enable this feature immediately.
FBI admits to inflating its cell phone encryption problems
The bureau is currently running an audit to determine the actual figures.
Company police use to track cell phones across America hacked
Thousands of login credentials were exposed.
Researchers discover major flaw in email encryption
A critical PGP flaw could expose your past emails.
Report: White House aide tried to spy on his co-workers
He sought to intimidate 'Obama loyalists' from leaking information to the press.
The Signal encryption app isn’t so secure after all
The disappearing messages aren't entirely disappearing.
This Android malware capable of hijacking your phone is only growing stronger
Warning: only download apps from the official Play Store.
You need to change your Twitter password ASAP—here’s why
Use two-factor authentication while you're at it.
Korean Overwatch hackers sentenced to fines, probation
How many loot boxes can you buy for $10,000?
One-minute hack lets thieves break into any hotel room
A patch was released, but the vulnerability remains in the wild.
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