Indie games take a more DIY approach to game development, utilizing significantly less budget and resources than their triple-A counterparts. Their appeal may be niche, but their ambition rarely is.

Indie game Enchanted Portals accused of ripping off Cuphead
'This game feels almost plagiaristic.'
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Indie game banned in Malaysia for being religiously offensive
A new game on Steam has already offended one government, and it hasn’t even been released yet.
Here are the 20 indie games Nintendo just announced for Switch
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Fictorum is the perfect indie game for people who want to watch the world burn
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A video game version of tabletop favorite Pathfinder just got funded on Kickstarter
This new CRPG set in the Pathfinder universe looks incredible.
Gorgeous, old-school indie game Cuphead finally has a release date
This cartoony-looking platformer comes to Xbox One and PC on September 29.
Review: Snake Pass is a welcome twist on puzzle-platforming
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The multi-generational mystery of indie game What Remains of Edith Finch
Giant Sparrow's creative director discusses horror's influence on the upcoming indie game.
The 13 biggest indie games coming to Nintendo Switch
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Trump tries to escape climate-related flood in new Super Mario Run parody game
Trump's really going to enjoy collecting those gold coins.
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